2017 Surface Pro least repairable ever; Surface Laptop is made of glue


Enlarge / The solely method into the Surface Laptop is thru the material. There’s no going again.

While it is not a giant shock given the dimensions and common tendencies when constructing this stuff, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop doesn’t seem like even remotely repairable, and the brand new Surface Pro is not a lot better, in line with iFixit.

iFixit’s footage, as ever, give an ideal have a look at the insides of the 2 machines. The Laptop has no exterior screws in any respect; to get into the system, iFixit needed to peel off the glued-down material keyboard encompass, an operation that clearly cannot be undone, producing a machine that provides basically no serviceability in anyway. With the keyboard encompass eliminated, the system reveals its internals, with parts taped, soldered, or in any other case completely affixed in place. Given how damaging one must be to open the machine within the first place, maybe that is not a giant deal.

Cracking open the Surface Pro reveals a giant heatsink and four battery cells instead of the two in the Pro 4.
Enlarge / Cracking open the Surface Pro reveals a large heatsink and 4 battery cells as an alternative of the 2 within the Pro four.

The Surface Pro teardown reveals that whereas the work Microsoft has finished to the Surface Pro on the surface could be very incremental (it is a honed model of the Surface Pro four), the inside work has been extra substantial. The batteries are larger (45Wh, in comparison with 38.2Wh within the Pro four), and a large spidery heatsink distributes the processor’s warmth throughout the again of your complete machine. This beefed-up passive cooling is how Microsoft has managed to make the Core i5 model of the Pro fanless; the Pro four had a fanless model, too, however that required using a low-power Y-series processor.

A fully dissected Surface Laptop.
Enlarge / A totally dissected Surface Laptop.

While the Surface Pro strains have by no means been particularly pleasant towards end-user and third-party repairing and servicing, prior fashions did make it attainable to (theoretically, not less than) substitute one part: the SSD. In the Pro four, the SSD makes use of a normal M.2 connector, so should you have been suitably adventurous, you can swap it out for a bigger capability. In the 2017 Pro, the storage is now soldered onto the motherboard.

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