Juicero CEO promises refunds for any dissatisfied customers while defending the company’s tech


Jeff Dunn, the previous Coca-Cola govt who turned CEO of Juicero final yr, has responded to a wave of protection suggesting that the corporate’s juice press isn’t all that was promised — and he’s providing dissatisfied prospects their a reimbursement.

A Bloomberg report confirmed that Juicero’s packs might be squeezed by hand, no costly juicer required.

Dunn’s response? He doesn’t deny that hand-squeezing is a really actual risk, however he does quibble about what you’ll discover inside, saying it’s “nothing but fresh, raw, organic chopped produce” — see, it’s not juice but as a result of it hasn’t been pressed.

“What you will get with hand-squeezed hacks is a mediocre (and maybe very messy) experience that you won’t want to repeat once, let alone every day,” he argued. More importantly, he mentioned, “The value of Juicero is more than a glass of cold-pressed juice. Much more.”

What … does that imply? According to Dunn, Juicero’s know-how (which is meant to contain 400 customized elements, together with 10 printed circuit boards, a scanner and a microprocessor) permits the corporate to create “the first closed loop food safety system,” so Juicero might disable produce packs if there’s, say, a spinach recall — which can not sound like an enormous promoting level, however this stuff do occur.

Dunn additionally mentioned the Press is “calibrated by taste to ship one of the best mixture of style and diet each time” and that the information from the machine helps the corporate handle its provide chain.

“The value is in how easy it is for a frazzled dad to do something good for himself while getting the kids ready for school, without having to prep ingredients and clean a juicer,” Dunn mentioned. “It’s in how the busy professional who needs more greens in her life gets App reminders to press Produce Packs before they expire, so she doesn’t waste the hard-earned money she spent on them.”

At the start of his put up, Dunn mentioned his objective was to “demonstrate the incredible value we know our connected system delivers.” And when you’re not satisfied that is price $400, nicely, there’s an alternative choice for disillusioned Juicero patrons — Dunn mentioned the corporate’s “Happiness Guarantee” (i.e. its return coverage) has been prolonged to cowl anybody who’s ever bought a Juicero Press. So for the following 30 days, anybody who’s purchased a Press ought to have the ability to return it for a full refund.

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