FIFA 18 tips, tricks and what you need to know


Defending in FIFA has been a lot harsher on slide challenges in recent times and FIFA 18 isn’t any exception. 

As satisfying as that crunching final ditch slide feels, the reality is that leaving a participant on the ground (out of motion and place) creates a niche for the opposition to use. 

Slide challenges nonetheless have a spot, and a well-timed lunge from time to time can create the counter-punch wanted for assaults that reap instant advantages. But this must be the exception and never the rule. 

Unless, after all, you’re livid about that purple card / damage / the climate and simply wish to wreak havoc. Then it is enjoyable. 

Worth noting as nicely that the slide problem appears even much less highly effective in 18 than it did in its predecessor, though at this stage that could be all the way down to our Luton Town defence. 

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