How a lack of data visibility is hurting industrial IoT


IoT, by its premise, is knowledge hungry, mentioned Cypress Envirosystems CEO Harry Sim. TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson lately met with Sim to debate how an absence of knowledge visibility can hinder industrial IoT’s full potential.

When the Industrial Revolution first started and factories and vegetation have been constructed, they didn’t embody web or digital knowledge capabilities. Instead, these older buildings used mechanical gadgets to measure metrics, and workers manually recorded every gadget’s knowledge.

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Today, there’s loads of good software program and infrastructure out there out there that may collect knowledge to assist run vegetation and factories, higher bettering processes and detecting faults, Sim mentioned. So the query is: “How do we get that data to feed into IoT?”

“The software might be there, but if you have no data to feed it, the software can’t do anything,” Sim mentioned.

Collecting knowledge from these older gadgets and placing that knowledge right into a community is tougher than it could appear, Sim defined. These gadgets are related to tubes and pipes stuffed with compressed air, steam, or liquids, and changing them can value loads of money and time. This creates a problem for corporations, as a result of they don’t have any technique to effectively use the information they accumulate.

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“Unless we solve that roadblock, all that investment in IoT isn’t going to be realized,” Sim mentioned. “The benefit isn’t going to realized, because we don’t have that data visibility.”

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