YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Writes A Heartfelt Response To Former Google Engineer’s Viral Anti-Diversity Memo


Google fires worker James Damore behind anti-diversity memo

YouTube’s CEO has now responded to the controversial anti-diversity memo from now-former Google engineer James Damore. Susan Wojcicki says that sexism in Silicon Valley persists, expressing frustration over the memo for exposing unfounded bias to the brand new era. 
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When her daughter requested her if it was true that organic variations clarify why there are fewer ladies in tech and management positions, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was reminded of her a few years in tech — years stuffed with that query being “asked outright, whispered quietly.”

This line of questioning has weighed closely on her profession.

When an inside memo from Google — fairly identified for its range efforts and office openness — makes its manner into public view, and particularly if that memo comprises controversial claims, together with ladies having completely different organic traits that will or could not qualify them for sure roles, what occurs? Well, some individuals have to reply. Wojcicki definitely felt the necessity to.

YouTube CEO Highlights Silicon Valley Sexism

“Time and again, I’ve faced the slights that come with that question. I’ve had my abilities and commitment to my job questioned,” she wrote. There are conferences with leaders the place they centered extra on the male workers, her feedback being interrupted, and her concepts ignored till they got here straight from a person. “No matter how often this all happened, it still hurt.”

Google Employee’s Anti-Diversity Memo In A Nutshell

The memo, a 10-page-long essay criticizing Google’s efforts to spice up office range, was penned by engineer James Damore, whom CEO Sundar Pichai has since dismissed. It brought about two important reactions: many stated it perpetuated false gender constructs that bordered on sexism, and others referred to as it an train of free speech. However diversified the responses, it damage lots of people each exterior and particularly these working inside the corporate.

Firing him added to the issue too. Some referred to as it Google censoring Damore and policing his thought, inflicting others to argue that Google simply polluted free expression for these inside the corporate who might need dissenting views. Pichai wrote, nevertheless, that Damore made some claims that violated a few of Google’s insurance policies, in order that’s why he wanted to go away.

Wojcicki stated that the memo will need to have brought about others working inside the corporate to really feel unsafe, and he or she considered different ladies in several tech fields coping with implicit biases that persist within the business.

“I thought about how tragic it was that this unfounded bias was now being exposed to a new generation,” she stated.

Wojcicki challenged others who defended the memo as being the appropriate to free speech, encouraging them to image how the scenario would play out had “women” been changed with “Black,” “Hispanic,” or “LGBTQ” workers.

Wojcicki’s response is definitely one which’s extra deeply felt in contrast with that of Pichai, who stated many factors within the memo are truthful to debate but in addition famous it violated Google’s code of conduct by advancing dangerous gender stereotypes.

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