How tbh hit #1 by turning anonymity positive


“If we’re improving the mental health of millions of teens, that’s a success to us,” says Nikita Bier, co-founder of tbh. His staff has scored a shock hit, rocketing to the highest of the App Store by letting teenagers ship one another compliments anonymously. While most nameless apps like Secret and Yik Yak have devolved into cyberbullying, Bier explains that “You don’t necessarily need the ability to say whatever you want but to be able to say what you feel to others.”

The innovation of tbh, teen-speak for To Be Honest, was eliminating the typing. Whether asking or answering questions, open textual content fields invite abuse when mixed with anonymity. Even an innocuous query like “What do you think of me?” can result in mean-spirited feedback if responders don’t have their names, and due to this fact any accountability, hooked up.

So tbh writes the prompts for you, and purposefully permits solely these which can be powerful to bend towards bullying. Open its iOS app (Android is within the works), add your contacts and also you’re immediately answering multiple-choice questions the place a random 4 associates are the solutions. “Best to bring to a party?” “Their perseverance is admirable?” “Could see becoming a poet?”

The subsequent milestone is considering social platforms when it comes to love and positivity.

— TBH staff

tbh’s staff says, “We worked backwards from the content we wanted to see, which was nice comments about ourselves — a product you’d open and it’d tell you all your strengths and things you’re good at and make you happier and more productive.”

You get notified while you’re chosen as who “does the most” or is “the biggest underdog,” although who selected you is saved nameless. tbh saves all of the solutions, so at any time you may browse the positivity despatched your manner. tbh’s sunny little questions are so addictive that the app solely permits you to reply 12 per hour, so that you by no means get sick of it and at all times need extra.

“Our goals for anonymity are much different than most apps [that emphasize] the ability to say things without repercussions,” the tbh staff explains. “This is more about the ability to tell people more of the things that make them happy. One is more targeted toward harassment while ours is more targeted towards making people better off.”

Clearly teenagers are craving this positivity. tbh has solely formally been round since August, and blew up this month after launching in California. It now has greater than 2 million day by day customers and has been the #1 free U.S. iOS app for greater than every week, passing YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

The arduous highway to honesty

tbh might need solely taken two weeks to construct, however the staff needed to fail for seven years first. Bier began Midnight Labs again in 2010, ultimately elevating a seed spherical from just a few buyers, together with social app guru Josh Elman at Greylock. Midnight Labs constructed a private finance app, a piece time tracker, a school chat app, a character check. “We probably built 15 products,” the staff tells TechCrunch.

Nothing fairly flourished, however the five-person staff purposefully saved its burn fee low to maximise its runway and get extra probabilities to experiment. “We never spent money in any ways that would be considered lavish.” But after years of trial and error, “We were running towards the end of our runway. We only had maybe 60 days left.”

That’s when Midnight Labs received philosophical. “The big milestone of the last social apps was the ability for open discourse [like on] Twitter. That was a great achievement” the staff explains. “We think the next milestone is thinking about social platforms in terms of love and positivity. We think that’s what’s been missing from social products since the inception of the internet.”

Meanwhile, the “To Be Honest” fad had blown up with teenagers on Instagram. Users would provide to ship “TBH” compliments to individuals who Liked or commented on their pictures. During the tumultuous and delicate age of adolescence, youngsters had been exhibiting how keen they had been for a dose of positivity.

Uniting the staff’s philosophy with this pattern, tbh was born. “We shipped it to one school in Georgia. Forty percent of the school downloaded it the first day. The next day it was in three more schools, and then the next day it was in 300 schools,” the staff recounts. That’s much more spectacular as a result of tbh doesn’t spam your contacts with surprising invite messages. “User trust is really important,” the staff declares.

Following within the footsteps of Facebook, tbh wasn’t launched publicly. At first it was locked all the way down to just some states. That was to maintain it from crashing as Midnight Labs scaled up the infrastructure. But additionally as a result of tbh solely works if plenty of associates are on it. Throttling the rollout retains demand pent-up so when tbh launches someplace new, like New York state this week, it turns into the speak of school rooms and youths obtain it in droves.

What’s to be?

“My inbox is the who’s who of Silicon Valley,” Bier says, sounding extra stressed and under-slept than conceited. “Now we’re having investors breathe down our neck.” Yet tbh isn’t taking the cash being thrown at it. “We’re focused on scaling the product without raising some headline-grabbing number. Often, social apps get caught up in saying they’ve changed the world before they actually have, and there needs to be a little bit of humbleness.”

tbh’s subsequent massive process shall be determining the best way to harness this momentum into sticky new merchandise earlier than the subsequent viral app usurps it. But the staff is adamant about avoiding abuse vectors. “It’s hard to develop products where you want to ensure positive communication,” says Midnight Labs. “We have to be really diligent in how we think through how users interact with each other. We can’t have any oversights in how we design features.”

Writing its second act could also be powerful if it stays away from typing, which might disqualify the standard additions of personal messaging and standing updates. It may attempt new varieties of polls, like questions the place you assemble teams of associates, like “Who’d make a great super hero team” or “Which of your two friends should have a sitcom about living together?” It may allow you to ship digital items to folks, or use voice-changing results and augmented actuality masks to allow you to ship nameless audio and video compliments. With teenagers being fickle, tbh can’t ignore product because it grapples with development.

“We haven’t really thought too much about monetization . . . or in-app purchases,” says the staff. It’s laid the inspiration, although, as you earn a gem every time you get a praise. tbh may allow you to spend these on in-app purchases, like cosmetically enhancing your title when it seems in reply containers, or bypassing the dozen questions per hour restrict.

For now, although, it’d be foolish to impede development with any monetization. tbh ought to focus on retention and seeing how massive it will possibly scale its person base and its mission. Until it reaches escape velocity, it’s weak to Facebook’s copy-cat manufacturing unit. Still, the staff is assured, saying “By the time we have a clone, we’re 10 steps ahead. We know what product and experience people want.”

Secret imploded as a consequence of bullying. Yik Yak’s anonymity meant there was little locking folks into the app. tbh must marry the liberty of expression that comes when your title isn’t hooked up with a way of group that retains youngsters dedicated.

“Improving people’s self-esteem — that’s been the most rewarding aspect of this product,” Bier concludes. “Raising a ton of money, all that other stuff, it’s just an accessory to the goal. The goal is, can we make this generation happier?”

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