2023 Cloud Technology: What to Watch For

2022 was a year of growth for the cloud technology sector, with organizations taking advantage of uncertain macroeconomic conditions to plan ahead and ensure future success.

In 2023, the groundwork of 2022’s successes continues to fuel a stronger economy and technology advancements.

Global IT spending is forecast to reach $4.6 trillion in 2023, with a 11.3% hike in cloud app investments totaling $879.62 billion – so what does this mean for organizations? C2C Global, a Google Cloud customer community, has pinpointed five trends to watch out for: an upswing in cloud investments; AI-driven tools and services; edge computing gaining traction; the growth of 5G networks; and an increased focus on security protocols.

Moving forward, custom solutions, rather than one-size-fits-all offerings from individual providers, will increasingly become the norm.

Going forward, tailored solutions from multiple providers will be more commonplace than a one-size-fits-all approach.

AI and ML tech adoption will rise

Organizations strive to leverage AI and ML technology for its vast capabilities. Data is used to strengthen analytics, construct predictive models, and automate repetitive tasks.

Currently, only 47% of organizations are using AI and ML models, despite their popularity. Extensive testing and training is required before they can be implemented on a large scale with petabytes of data or to serve wide customer bases. C2C’s research has revealed that many anticipate adopting these technologies in the future.

The potential of these technologies is immense, and their refinement through reliable automated training and testing will make them indispensable to organizations.

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