Twitter Introduces Blue Subscription Service to Japan

Last month, Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue subscription service launched in five countries and has now been expanded to include Japan. The original (launched 2021) and updated versions are available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In Japan, Twitter’s subscription costs slightly less than in the US: ¥980 ($7.40) per month on the web and ¥1,380 ($10.42) per month on iOS compared to $8 and $11 respectively.

Twitter Blue now offers a blue verification badge, longer video uploads, priority ranking in conversation replies, thread reader and edit tweet feature plus custom icons and themes. Previously available features have been upgraded with the addition of a verification mark, higher video upload limit and increased rankings.

Since taking the helm at Twitter, Musk has had ambitious plans to reduce reliance on ad revenue by increasing subscribers. Last November, he launched Twitter Blue; however, due to people pretending to be famous individuals and companies it was quickly shut down.

It’s no surprise that Twitter Blue is expanding in Japan. At his first all-hands meeting as Twitter CEO, Musk shared the impressive market share of the social media platform in Japan – estimated at over 50 million users.

To tighten up the new verification system, Twitter requires users to have a phone number in order to purchase the Blue subscription and has implemented a 90-day cool-off period for newly created accounts. But these guardrails didn’t stop Washington Post reporter from creating a fake account of Senator Edward J. Markey last week, showing that manual name/bio review is not effective.

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