Space Shuttle Mission Max Q: Mysterious Shuttle Mission Encounter

Both the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft and the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft carrying three astronauts to the International Space Station suffered unspecified technical problems leading up to their launch. Malfunctions with both vehicles’ critical cooling systems apparently caused some kind of loss of functionality, delaying both missions by several days. Errors during fueling and countdown operations also created a tense aborted launch window on Friday, but ultimately things ended satisfactorily enough for Saturday’s targeted

There is no doubt that the world’s oceans hold a wealth of resources that could provide sustenance for billions

  • To kick off, Virgin Orbit experienced a misguided start…
  • Then, a presentation occurred from ABL Space Systems.
  • Staying up-to-date with updates from Rocket Lab, World View, and more is a must.

After Virgin Orbit’s launch failure last Monday, during which the mission experienced an “anomaly” that prevented the rocket from reaching orbit, investors and executives quickly questioned the future of the company. Judging by its financials, things aren’t looking good. Virgin Orbit has been hemorrhaging money since it was founded in 2011; in 2017, it had a net loss of $119 million. Last year, it lost $225 million total. In addition to its failed launches and high expenses, Virgin Orbit owes hundreds of millions of dollars to several banks and aerospace firms. If things don’t turnaround soon for Virgin Orbit, it could be forced into Chapter 11

Given Virgin Orbit’s recent setbacks, it is likely that 2018 was a challenging year for the company. Virgin Orbit had originally hoped to launch three rockets this year, but one of them has now been grounded indefinitely due to an unknown issue. This delay will only add to Virgin Orbit’s dwindling cash reserves, which are already in need of improvement. It remains unclear how long it will take to resolve this issue, but based on current trends it could be at least three months before everything is back up and running again.

virgin orbit cosmic girl and the launcherone rocket

Space tourism is set to grow in popularity as companies like Virgin Orbit successfully launch rockets into space. Companies such as Virgin Orbit are revolutionizing space travel by providing cheaper and quicker access to

The launch of ABL Space Systems’ RS1 rocket ended in failure last Tuesday after all nine engines on the first stage shut down simultaneously. The rocket subsequently hit the launch pad and was destroyed on impact. This setback is a significant blow to the fledgling company, which was counting on this inaugural launch to establish its credibility in the space industry.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the ABL shutdown, but they have already ruled out a cyberattack. In fact, the simultaneous shutdown of multiple branches across the country is strong evidence that this was not an intentional act. However, it will take more time for the team to narrow down contributing factors and a root cause.

As soon as the final investigation into Flight 1 is completed, the Flight 2 vehicle will be ready to launch. Piemont and his team are anxious to get started, as they believe this could be the start of a new era in transportation.

ABL Space RS1 rocket shortly after launch

The ABL Space RS1 rocket is the most advanced and powerful rocket ever created. The RS1 is capable of carrying cargo and passengers to space, and is

More news from TG+ and beyond

  • Capella Space has significantly strengthened its Series C with an extra $60 million from investor Thomas Tull’s US Innovation Technology Fund.
  • Elon Musk mentioned that SpaceX’s prospects are good for attempting the maiden orbital flight test of Starship during the upcoming month. (Twitter)
  • European officials, along with Swedish dignitaries, formally introduced the continent’s inaugural mainland spaceport located in Sweden. (High North)
  • ispace’s HAKUTO-R lander recently executed a second orbital control operation and has been in deep-space for over a month.
  • Israel’s Air Force will create an internal space administration similar to that of the U.S. Space Force. (i24)
  • Planet Labs finished buying Salo Sciences, a company specializing in climate technology.
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg and SaxaVord Spaceport in the United Kingdom have struck a deal, stretching out over several years, that covers RFA conducting its initial launch from the U.K. location by year’s end.
  • Rocket Lab plans to send three satellites for HawkEye 360 into space on January 23, with their inaugural Virginian Electron launch.
  • Russia has decided to deploy an unmanned Soyuz shuttle to the International Space Station, which will transport three astronauts who will be returning home due to the detection of a coolant leak on their current Soyuz docked at ISS. (The New York Times)
  • Slingshot Aerospace has added Thomas Arend, who previously served as VP & head of product management at Astra, to its team in the role of chief product officer. (Slingshot)
  • The Federal Communications Commission cast a ballot to initiate a pristine Space Bureau that will manage commercial matters pertaining to satellite communication and beyond. (TechGround)
  • The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and SpaceWERX are providing support for the Space Regulatory Bootcamp, aimed at assisting founders and regulatory professionals in understanding the multifaceted area of space regulation. This event is scheduled to occur in February. (ACSP)
  • ULA’s Vulcan Centaur rocket is preparing to take off, in advance of its initial test flight.
  • World View, a startup intending to open up earth observation and possibly even tourism with stratospheric balloons, is becoming public through a SPAC merger. (TechGround)

Max Q is a novel exploration of the surreal by Aria Alamalhodaei. The story follows a group of teenagers as they attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by giant insects. This unique story captures the imaginations of readers, inviting them to explore the surreal and speculate about what might happen next.

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