HBOs The Last of Us Opens to Record-Breaking 4.7M U.S. Viewers

“The Last of Us” had a very successful debut on HBO last night. The show received 4.7 million viewers, making it HBO’s second-largest premiere since “Boardwalk Empire” premiered over a decade ago with 4.81 million viewers. “House of the Dragon” remains the biggest premiere in HBO history with nearly 10 million viewers.

With its star-studded cast, accurate representation of the video game franchise, and fervent fan base, “The Last of Us” was destined to be a hit TV series. HBO may have made history with this adaptation by being the first TV network to adapt a video game into a show, but it’s clear that audiences are both interested and excited about what lies ahead for these characters.

Fans of the game and series alike seem to be enjoying the newly remastered adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. The new graphics, sounds, and gameplay make it an exciting experience for all. HBO is grateful to everyone who has contributed to making this a success.

The premiere of the HBO Max app on July 25 caused an increase in first-time U.S. downloads of the app across iOS and Android devices, as well as reaching #4 on the overall free iPhone app ranking on the U.S. App Store on that night. This is in line with recent trends among HBO Max shows, which have all been hits with viewers and generated a lot of enthusiasm among those who have seen them.

This shows how competitive the video game adaptation genre has become. “The Last of Us” had big shoes to fill if it wanted to compete with other game-based shows like Netflix’s “Arcane,” which is based on “League of Legends.” Based on Netflix’s own metrics, “Arcane” had 38.4 million viewing hours during the week of November 15, 2021. Paramount+’s “Halo” set a record for being the streamer’s most-watched series premiere worldwide. Amazon Prime Video also has video game adaptations in the works, including a “God of War” series.

According to reports, HBO has released the first details for their upcoming original series, Westworld. The nine episode show will air on Sundays and will be based off the 1973 film of the same name. The series is described as an “avatar park” where customers can experience anything they want

It’s likely that the following episodes will feature more of the HBO Max characters since their introductions were minimal in the first episode. Some of these include Frank (Murray Bartlett), Bill (Nick Offerman), Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), Florence (Elaine Miles), Riley (Storm Reid), Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) and Henry (Lamar Johnson). Clickers will also be introduced in later episodes, which is sure to engage viewers.

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