Watch Apples M2 MacBook Pro Event Video – After Its Surprising Leak!

For Apple, smaller announcements might be the future. After all, it’s been reported that suppliers are having trouble meeting demand for new hardware, and this could be why we haven’t seen a new iPhone or iPad in a while. With so many rumors circulating about what Apple may have in store for 2019 and 2020, it’s hard to say for sure whether something as big as an actual product launch is actually going to happen. But regardless of what actually happens next week, we’ll still be tuning in to find out!

The new MacBook Pro is thinner, lighter and faster than the old one. It has a FaceTime camera and USB-C peripheral connectivity. And it starts at $1,499. The new Mac mini is also thinner and faster than the old one. It starts at $799 with 8GB of RAM, 64GB of storage or $1,199 for a model with 256GB of storage.

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The Imitation Game is a highly anticipated thriller about Alan Turing, one of the most influential mathematicians and intellectuals of the 20th century. The film tells the story of Turing’s early-career military intelligence work against Nazi Germany, and his later development of computer science. Despite positive reviews from critics, the film has been met with mixed reactions from audiences, who feel that it portrays Turing in an unflattering light.

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