AI-Enabled Automated Ad Platform Empowers Real Estate Agencies in South Africa

Technology has transformed how businesses operate, yet the process of selling and buying property has largely remained unchanged. Social media may be the key to changing this, as proptech companies look to leverage it to connect with buyers and sellers on digital platforms.
While social media is not new to the Property Industry, it has lagged behind in its use for engagement purposes. This could be due to a lack of understanding or even familiarity with the format by many companies in this space. However, there are a number of proptech firms that have taken matters into their own hands and started using social media for marketing purposes as well as sales efforts.
Some notable success stories include Open Homesrix (just Sold OUT $10M Series B) who use Instagram for visual storytelling and engaging with buyers; Realestate LLC who utilizes Twitter intensely for lead generation; Realty Executives International (

Flow has been designed to make the process of buying or selling a home more efficient for both the buyer and seller, by automating all advertising related to real estate transactions. The company is hoping this will result in increased sales and decreased costs for all involved

Flow is an innovative proptech that has developed a social media–driven real estate marketing platform. The company plans to use the funding to expand its reach and integrate its platform into international property portals and CRM platforms. Flow’s unique approach to marketing will allow it to capitalize on the interests of buyers and sellers in the real estate market, greatly expanding its customer base.

Flow is a new app that rewards tenants for early rent payments. The app was founded by Sperling and Levy, who both had experience in the advertising and marketing industries. They used this knowledge to pivot Flow into its current business model four years later. Flow helps to connect people who are looking for apartments with those who are already living in them, helping to streamline the rental process and reduce paperwork. In addition, Flow offers Rewards Programs that give tenants discounts on services like grocery shopping or chiropractor appointments.

However, their second business venture which involved selling advertising space on mobile devices has been very successful, with the company now owning a majority stake in an Israeli adtech firm and plans to enter the Chinese market.

Advertising is one way that agents can improve their ability to sell homes, and it is an important part of the homebuying process. However, many agents find it difficult to afford advertising and do not have the resources necessary to design or execute effective campaigns. This limitation has caused some smaller agents to be left out of the housing market, as they are unable to compete with larger businesses who can invest in more sophisticated marketing techniques.

Flow wants to revolutionize the way real estate agents and property developers connect with their customers by automating marketing for both groups. By working hand-in-hand with digital real estate websites such as Property24 and Private Property, Flow is able to pull listings and create ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other digital channels. With the help of Flow, agents can reach a wider audience than ever before while developers can cut down on costs associated with marketing their properties.

Flow claims that its proptech marketing platform can help agents increase revenue and improve the experiences of property buyers and sellers. Meanwhile, Levy argues that Flow earns money when its agents use its SaaS platform and from a percentage cut on their marketing spend. Both sides seem to be right – Flow’s growth is strong and it seems to be making money from both sides of the equation.

In a recent interview with Reuters, the co-CEO of the company identified their next growth phase will come from relationships with business portals. With this in mind, they have raised capital to experiment with this strategy by investing in technology that can help them better connect with enterprise customers. This move represents a significant shift for the company and could lead to even more success down the road.

Flow is a digital platform that allows real estate agents to share and collaborate on updates in real time. The co-founders are confident that their technology and design will be the deciding factor in whether or not Flow can successfully compete against established platforms like Zillow and Trulia.

Founded in 2014, Flow is a startup that helps people manage their money. The company has raised over $2 million from investors such as Endeavor Harvest Fund and serial entrepreneur Steven Heilbron. Futuregrowth Asset Management led the round in addition to existing investors Kalon Venture Partners, Vunani Fintech Fund and Buffet Investments.

Futuregrowth Asset Management’s investment in Flow is a testament to the company’s ambition and dedication to transforming the global property industry. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, Daniel and Gil have the expertise and drive required to bring about real change, and their partnership with B2B services provider Futuregrowth will help them reach their full potential. WhilstFlow faces some significant challenges (the Global Financial Crisis being just one example), its determination to overcome them sets it apart from many other companies, making it an exciting investment prospect.

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