Noon Energy Revolutionizes Earth with Martian-Inspired Carbon-Oxygen Battery System

Some may say that the idea of traveling to other planets is nothing more than a dream, but for some people it’s a lifelong obsession. These entrepreneurs are inspired by space exploration documentaries and believe that we can have the same effect on our planet as humans have had on extraterrestrial worlds. They start earthbound companies that make products or services related to space travel, only to later launch their own rocket companies in order to explore other parts of our solar system.

Chris Graves is not the typical protagonist in a story about an underdog overcoming obstacles. He has everything going for him- a privileged background and supportive family, access to elite schools and top-notch resources, and an outgoing personality that enables him to easily network. Despite these advantages, he finds himself struggling to find success

Graves has struck upon a novel battery technology that could one day help fuel America’s ever-growing thirst for energy. Noon Energy is his startup that is striving to develop this revolutionary new technology and see it become a global force in the battery market.

Mars has long been seen as a possible home for human beings, as it offers many advantages for colonization over other planets in the solar system. Oxygen is one of the key ingredients that would be necessary to sustain life on Mars; however, this can be costly and time-consuming to produce on our own. The MOXIE instrument is designed to test the viability of extracting oxygen from carbon dioxide molecules using minimal energy, paving the way for a cost-effective and faster means of bringing oxygen back to Earth.

Noon’s battery is designed specifically to help bridge intermittencies that naturally occur with wind and solar energy. By running a modified version of the same chemical reaction as MOXIE, Noon hopes to store electricity rather than produce oxygen. With enough investment, this innovative battery could make it possible for renewable energy sources to seamlessly fill in when the grid is unable to generate power from wind or sun.

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