Yum Brands Suffers Data Loss in Ransomware Attack at Taco Bell and KFC

After confirming that company data was stolen in a ransomware attack, Yum Brands took immediate action by deploying a new security measures and hiring new employees to help with the issue. This incident is just one example of how cybercriminals are constantly evolving, and businesses need to maintain up-to-date security measures in order to protect their customers and data.

According to Yum Brands, an apparent incident affecting their company has been confirmed. The company has not yet released any further information about the incident, but TechGround is working to update our readers as soon as possible.

The company said that the ransomware attack impacted certain information technology systems and caused the closure of roughly 300 restaurants in the United Kingdom for 24 hours. This incident also led to Yum Brands taking some of its systems offline.

The ransomware attack caused significant disruption to the operations of the company and required that it notify federal law enforcement. The investigation into the cause of the attack continues, but it is likely that this type of attack will become more frequent as cybercriminals seek to increase their profits.

During the attack, which occurred on March 14, unidentified intruders breached the systems of Yum Brands, a food-selling giant with operations in over 120 countries. The company stated that the intruder stole data from its network and has “no evidence” that customer data was taken. However, because access to company facilities is not limited to those with authorized access credentials and because logs may detail which files were accessed by who, it is possible for Yum Brands to ascertain which specific files were accessed andpossibly compromised.

The cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has identified a ransomware attack that Affected the company’s systems in March. While it is still unclear how the company’s systems were initially compromised, Yum Brands spokesperson Rob Poetsch confirmed that customer money was not lost in the attack.

The company has faced no other disruptions in its operations so far, which suggests that the disruption caused by this particular incident will not have a significant impact on its overall performance.

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