Zitti Secures Funding to Help Restaurants Streamline their Food Supply Chain

Independent restaurants face many challenges when it comes to costs associated with food. One potential solution is to use services like MarginEdge, OneOrder, TouchBistro, PreciTaste, ConverseNow, Owner.com. These platforms provide owners with a one-stop shop for ordering food and receiving delivery or pickup right at the restaurant. This eliminates the need for staff time spent locating and tracking down ingredients and Miscellaneous Supplies, which can reduce labor costs significantly. In addition to cutting costs related to food procurement and preparation, these services also make it easy for restaurateurs to keep up with trends in cuisine by accessing recipes from around the web. Ultimately, using these innovative technology solutions can help independent restaurants stay competitive in an increasingly expensive market

Zitti restaurant tech

Zitti’s app is a great tool for food lovers because it provides insights into the pricing of various foods. With this information, users can make moreinformed decisions when dining out or grocery shopping.

One of the co-founders of Zitti, Dante DiCicco, is coming from a unique perspective when it comes to finding a solution to the restaurant industry’s troubles during the pandemic. In 2007-2008, DiCicco’s parents had to shutter their Italian restaurant locations as the recession took its toll on businesses. Now seeing how pandemics impact restaurants all over the world, DiCicco understands how important it is for restaurateurs to maintain strong customer relationships in order to stay solvent. Labeling himself “the restaurateur’s restaurateur,” he has been vocal about his concern that too few chefs are properly preparing their menus and staffs for an uncertain future. With so many industry veterans saying little or nothing out loud about their biggest fears, Zitti was born as an effort by professionals in one of America’s oldest and most venerated industries to come up with creative ways forward- even as they prepare for what may be their last chance at success.

Ever since Giovanni DiCicco opened his first restaurant, he knew that he needed the latest in technology to keep up with the competition. He was luckily able to get all of his food suppliers situated and open his new location, but when it came time to installing the kitchen appliances himself, he realized that he needed help. He reached out to a company who offered installation services for restaurants, and after a long and tedious process, DiCicco finally had all of his new appliances in place.

The team at Zitti quickly realized that independent restaurants needed a platform to stand on an equal footing with large chain restaurants. Creating Zitti allowed them to do just that, by providing a technology solution that complemented the food offered by their restaurant partners. By empowering restaurateurs and giving them the tools they need to succeed, Zitti has helped independent restaurants take their business to new heights.

Through its payment software platform, Restaurant Connection allows restaurants to pay food suppliers in a streamlined and secure way. This helps to ensure fair transactions between the two parties and ensures that both are able to find the best possible vendors for their needs. Additionally, Restaurant Connection offers price comparison tools which make it easy for restaurateurs to find the best deals on food supplies.

With food pricing optimization, restaurants can make more informed and shrewd purchasing decisions that will help them save money on their food costs. By using sophisticated software to collect data on ingredient prices and other market fluctuations, restaurants can optimize their menus to ensure they are consistently providing cost-effective options while still meeting customer demands. This process is helping restaurateurs modernize their business models, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-competitive industry.

Zitti is a food delivery and home meal service company that focuses on healthy, sustainable, and local cuisine. The company was founded by Angelo DiCicco, an Italian restaurateur who is also the brother of Joe DiCicco, the former president of Rutgers University. Zitti’s first beta customers were his own family’s restaurants.

The company has seen good sales traction as they ramp up their sales efforts due to the charge for their product. Many restaurants are signing on to the program because they see it as a way to increase their profits. Even though this requires some additional time and effort on the part of the restaurant staff, it is likely that many will find that charging for this service outweighs the costs.

The company’s objective was not to save money on food costs, but to make their employees happy. The pilot group of employees seemed pleased with the change, and many have converted to become customers. This demonstrates that marketing a discount on food can be an extremely successful strategy if it is done correctly.

The company is now back with $3.5 million in a seed round co-led by Oceans Ventures and Serena Ventures, and Crossbeam, its pre-seed investor, also participating. In total, the company has raised $7.5 million since DiCicco and Benz started working on the company in 2019. This investment will help them develop their product further as they look to expand into new markets.

DiCicco’s goal is to be able to provide increased efficiency and accuracy for pricing predictions, thus providing customers with more accurate information at a quicker pace. This technology will also be added to their platform in order to better serve the customer base.

Zitti’s investment strategy focuses on the Southern California and Chicago markets, as well as expanding into Austin. The company sees a lot of potential in the Lone Star State, and is planning to invest further there in the future.

The entrepreneur said that the company will continue to focus on expanding into new markets, but it will do so in a city-by-city manner in order to better understand pricing and market trends. This extra data collection will help the company maximize profits and grow rapidly.

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