30% of Alphabet Workforce Dismissed as Company Changes Course in Face of Economic Uncertainty

Tycho is a new way to manage your data. It’s a platform that helps you analyze, explore and share your data in a user-friendly way. Tycho connects to various third party tools so you can better understand your data.

Lorenzo’s first article for TG+ is sure to excite cybersecurity enthusiasts everywhere. He covers T-Mobile’s latest report of a hacker accessing personal data of 37 million customers. Lorenzo promises to bring readers the most interesting and up-to-date information in the industry, so be sure to check him out!

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The TechGround Top 3

  • Alphabet spells out layoffs: With all that talk about tech layoffs in the past couple months, it was only a matter of time before we saw something from Google’s parent, Alphabet. The search engine giant announced it was cutting 6% of its workforce, which impacts 12,000 people. And like the others, CEO Sundar Pichai took his turn explaining how the company “hired for a different economic reality,” Paul writes.
  • Game off: With gaming being as popular as it is, this next layoff story is a bit of a surprise, though not totally unexpected since media companies are being hit hard. Entertainment company Fandom, which publishes content under Giant Bomb, GameSpot and Metacritic, laid off roughly 10% of its staff across those publications, Ivan reports.
  • It’s all about the money, money, money: Social media influencers in India have to disclose promotional content, aka paid promotions, to the government, and now the Department of Consumer Affairs has released some guidelines on how to do that. Jagmeet has more.

Startups and VC

PLAI Labs wants to be the go-to destination for gaming products, and it’s looking to raise a lot of money to make that happen. The company is led by Chris DeWolfe, a veteran game developer and entrepreneur, and Andreessen Horowitz is one of its major investors. This deal comes just months after a16z’s debut games vehicle raised $600 million, and helps show that there is still plenty of investment interest in the gaming industry.

Some would say that the sound of waves crashing against a shoreline is one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. The ocean seems to have an endless supply of sound,

4 investors discuss the next big wave for alternative seafood startups

WildType’s sushi-grade, lab-grown salmon is a healthier alternative to conventionally caught salmon, because it does notContents: WildType’s sushi-grade, lab-grown salmon is a healthier alternative to conventionally caught salmon because it does not include chemicals or hormones. WildType uses genetically modified yeast to transform the Musashi rice into fish flesh

investment in seafood alternatives is on the rise, as consumers become more mindful of their environmental impact and dietary choices. One such item on the rise is plant-based seafood products, which are becoming increasingly popular as concerns about global climate change intensify. These products are not only more sustainable, but also offer consumers a variety of flavors and textures that appeal to a wide range of people.

The reason alternative seafood is such a big deal is because it’s a growing industry that’s going to get bigger. Already, more than $178 million has been pumped into the market in the first half of 2022, and the value is poised to reach $1.6 billion over the next 10 years. Much of this growth can be attributed to people who want to be environmentallyfriendly and try something new, as well as people who are health-conscious and want to get their omega-3s. Given all of that, alternative seafood is definitely one thing worth paying attention to in the coming years!

As companies grow, they often face unique challenges in complying with regulations. For example, scaling a company can involve making changes to how it operates that may require adjustments to its business model. Meanwhile, taking on risk can be a challenge as companies strive for stability and long-term growth.

Investors surveyed by Christine Hall said that regulation is one of the “unique challenges” companies face as they try to reach scale. They stressed the importance of flexibility in organizational arrangements, risk assessment processes, and overall management philosophy when it comes to meeting regulatory demands. In addition, ensuring good communication between different parts of a company is critical so that changes don’t disrupt operations unnecessarily.

  • Kate Danaher, managing director of ocean and seafood, S2G Ventures
  • Friederike Grosse-Holz, director, Blue Horizon
  • Christian Lim, managing director, SWEN Capital Partners’ Blue Ocean
  • Amy Novogratz, co-founder and managing partner, Aqua Spark

Although creating rigid object structures can be helpful in procedural programming, they are not always necessary. In some cases, it is better to use a flexible object model that can

As a founding member of TechGround+, I’ve had access to exclusive content and resources that have helped me accelerate my startup journey. The program offers insightful content, advice and support from experienced entrepreneurs, which has helped me refine my strategies and improve my process. In addition to this valuable support, the platform provides access to a network of peers who are looking to achieve the same objectives as you. With these resources at hand, I know that I can continue making progress on my business goals – and stay ahead of the competition. Thanks for providing such an invaluable resource!

Big Tech Inc.

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Wordle is a handy online tool that lets you create word clouds, or diagrams of how often different words are used. The Merriam-Webster acquisition gives Quordle an even wider reach, letting users create word webs—a type of diagram that shows how all the words in a text are interconnected.

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  • Your turn: Amanda writes that after weeks of backlash and protest from content creators and fans, Dungeons & Dragons’ publisher made a decision to put the game under a Creative Commons license.
  • An abrupt goodbye: After recently cutting off third-party clients, including Tweetbot and Twitterific, Twitter went ahead and officially banned them, Kyle writes.
  • ICYMI: Netflix founder Reed Hastings stepped down as co-CEO but will remain on the board, Taylor writes. Meanwhile, Netflix is eyeing free streaming “FAST” channels as a possibility to grow its ads business, Lauren reports.
  • Up, up, and away: As Darrell writes, Canada is getting up off the sidelines and joining the space race, saying it wants to support commercial space launches.
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