Architect: Coinbase and Other Cryptocurrency Firms Invest in Former FTX US Presidents Trading Infrastructure Start-up

Since stepping down from his role as president of FTX US, Brett Harrison has been hard at work raising money for his own startup, Architect. His company is aimed at making trading infrastructure for large cryptocurrency investors more accessible and efficient, something that he believes is sorely needed in the space.

Harrison believes their platform will be a valuable resource for traders and institutional investors looking to access multiple exchanges. By building bridges between different exchanges, the company hopes to make it easier for users to find the best options regardless of where they are located.

Given their previous experience in the payments space, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures and SV Angel are likely to provide the startup with technical insights and help them upscale their product. Scaramucci is likely to add his unique brand of hustle and connectivity to the startup’s efforts.

Harrison has a particular interest in developing algorithms that can profit from patterns in financial data. This background likely helps him to identify opportunities that others might miss.

To put it simply, FTX is designed to boost the flow of information and open up opportunities for people all over the world to trade. As such, it can be extremely difficult for people who are just starting out in the trading world to make sense of all of these different venues and networks. With FTX, however, this barrier is dramatically reduced since everything is conveniently centralized in one place- making it much easier for anyone interested in trading to get started.

The Architect aims to appeal to anyone who needs to build infrastructure for Crypto on more than one exchange. This allows traders and hedge funds access to a trading platform with ease that meets their needs while still retaining the security and quality they are accustomed too. The features include; market making, arbitrage, data streaming and custom order routing.

The startup is launching a flagship service that is designed to be seamless and provide an easier user experience than current crypto services. By unifying the various platforms and tabs that users currently have open, they are aiming to streamline the overall process of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform will also provide a wealth of resources for beginners, so anyone can become involved in this exciting new market.

In a world where cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, it is important for companies like this to be on the forefront of the trend. By developing adaptable infrastructure products, they will make it easier for people to trade both centrally and decentralizedly, which will only help increase market demand.

Harrison’s firm, Blockstream, hopes to fill the gap in the cryptocurrency trading marketplace by providing a platform for traders to adapt with changing market conditions. By helping traders monetize their skills and build important components of their software themselves, Blockstream plans to create a more secure and mature crypto market.

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