Giant Bomb, GameSpot, and Metacritic Furloughing Employees Amid Decline in Fandom

Many employees at entertainment company Fandom have lost their jobs due to the company’s restructuring. In particular, these layoffs include personnel working on Giant Bomb, GameSpot and Metacritic. These properties are mainly focused on publishing content around gaming and TV shows, though some other projects may have also been affected. It is still not clear how many employees were laid off in total, but it seems that the number could be sizable.

Though 500 people may be drastically reduced in number, the company’s promise to its employees remains unchanged. Employees will receive severance and retraining opportunities, as well as assistance finding new employment. Though many employees are upset by the decision and its abruptness, they remain hopeful for a brighter future.

According to sources, the size of the deal between Fandom and Red Ventures was around $55 million. Since then, the company has made a number of layoffs – some months after acquiring a host of brands from Red Ventures. This marks another negative turn for Fandom, which is already struggling with financial difficulties.

The acquisition of Fandom will help the company expand its ad serving capabilities and offer more fuel for its data-driven marketing efforts, as well as its gaming ecommerce divisions. The company has a loyal following among fanfiction readers and gamers, and this acquisition will give it even more clout in the industry.

More than 150 employees at the online video game outlet GameSpot have been laid off in the past week. Editor Mat Elfring, video producer Jess O’Brien, and graphic designer Justin Vachon all voiced their frustrations with the cuts on Twitter. The layoffs come just a few months after GameSpot merged with CBS Interactive.

Since game company Whiskey Media went bankrupt, many employees have lost their jobs. However, one employee, Jobless, is still looking for a new job. One day, he gets a call from CBS Interactive asking him to come work for them as a web developer. After picking up his gun and packing his bag, Jobless sets off on his new adventure.

It saddens me to leave GameSpot, but I’m really excited for the future. I have wonderful friends at the company, and I know that they’ll continue to produce amazing content without me. Thank you all for making me so happy during my time there – you all made my job something special.

Mat Elfring knew he was going to be famous one day. It wasn’t a prediction or a dream, it was simply the truth. He had the looks, the charm, and the natural charisma that made people pay

I’ve never been so lost and alone in my life. I’m grateful for the great times I’ve had working at GameSpot, Giant Bomb, TVGuide and Metacritic but now that they’re all gone, I don’t know what to do next. It’s been a wonderful year+ working with all of them but now it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Justin Vachon is a video game journalist, best known for his work with IGN and YouTube. He has written extensively about the industry and its many facets, from new releases to classic gaming franchises.

Fandom, a popular social network for fans of various types of media, has been hit with a data leak that has revealed user information including names, email addresses, and partial contact information. While this data could easily be used for identity theft or other malicious activity, it is also potentially valuable to researchers and marketers who could use the contact information to learn

Since the economic recession began in 2008, many newspapers and magazines have seen their staffs reduced. The gaming and entertainment industry has not been immune to these challenges as a number of media outlets have announced layoffs in the past few months. IGN staffers were impacted last month while Polygon employees were axed as a part of Vox job cuts in July. Many outlets are still facing difficulties due to shrinking audiences and advertising dollars, which has led to layoffs across the board. While some would argue that the environment is worse than it was five years ago, others feel that progress has been made in spite of these challenges.

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