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When most people think about tech startups, they imagine young people building something new and exciting. But what if your startup is a bit older – say, pre-seed stage or even post-seed? That can be challenging in its own right, but it can also be harder to raise money. In this session at TechGround Live, Sameer Shariff and Sarah Tavel from Benchmark will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by older startups when trying to raise money. They’ll help you figure out what you need to do to get started and actually achieve success in getting resources invested in your business.

For computer enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts, TechGround Live is the event to attend. This weekly event/episode records live each Wednesday at 12:00/3:00 PST/EST. Register on Hopin to ask questions and network with guests and other attendees. The event also streams to Facebook Live and YouTube, making it possible for those not in the area to join in on the discussion. And lastly, Twitter Spaces makes it easy for attendees to interact with each other on all of their favorite social media platforms. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about new technology or just have some fun discussing technology with others, TechGround Live should definitely be on your list of events!

Despite the new urgency behind TG+L’s mission, it seems that the startup world is still experiencing some success. In early 2023, a number of venture-backed businesses have been acquired by larger conglomerates or rival companies, which can be attributed to the long sales cycles, lengthened by investors being more selective (mainly due to different expectations). However, despite this difficulty in growing ventures and succeeding as entrepreneurs, TG+L remains dedicated to helping founders build better business models.

A few updates for 2023

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It is interesting to see how these two companies differ in terms of their business models. Benchmark focuses more on tooling and consulting services while Cambly offers a wider range of products, including chatbots. This difference may prove to be advantageous for both companies in the long

TechCrunch Live with Sarah Tavel and Sameer Shariff on February 1, 2023

It is clear that Sameer had his work cut out for him when he started Cambly. The company had to change its model overnight and face a lot of rejection from VCs, but it was through this rocky road that the company unlocked its full potential and eventually found success. Today, Cambly has raised $60 million in total and shows no signs of slowing down.

One way to think about mitochondria is as the “powerhouse” of the cell. These tiny organell

Christina Ross and Rajeev Batra met at a summer engineering program in Texas, bonding over their love of mathematics and exploring the beauty of geometry. They continued working together through college, first at UC Berkeley and then Princeton, where they completed their PhDs under

Cube’s approach, which meets customers where they are, has attracted investments from major firms. In this way, Cube is on a mission to improve financial planning and analysis for all.

As a child, I always loved going on walks with my family. The fresh air and the companionship were

The study found that when people feel disengaged from their work and the tasks they are assigned, it leads to a lowered sense of satisfaction in their lives. The researchers believe that this lack of satisfaction can eventually lead to stress, burnout and even depression.

Christina Cacioppo is widely respected within the business world for her entrepreneurial spirit and her efforts to help companies keep up with ever-changing compliances. Vanta was founded in 2019 with the goal of making compliance easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. The company quickly raised over $200 million in venture capital, becoming a unicorn with its $150 million Series B in October 2022. Thanks to its strong growth trajectory, Vanta is well positioned to continue helping businesses meet compliance needs for years to come.

Sagi Eliyahu, a revered investor and entrepreneur, has a long history of fostering innovation in industries ranging from technology to pharmaceuticals. Joanne Chen, the Managing Partner of Foundation Capital, is no stranger to backing innovative startups. The two are teaming up to invest in a new blockchain-

Mark Goldberg and Rick Song are two of the top entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. They are founding partners at Index Ventures, one of the most influential venture capital firms in the world. They have invested in some of the most successful companies, including Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Snap Inc.,

Mamoon Hamid and Arianna Huffington are two of the most influential women in business today. Both Hamid and Huffington have been essential in redefining the way businesses operate and how their employees are treated. They have advocated for creating workplaces that are inclusive, encourage creativity, and place a priority on employee well-being.

Eric Tarczynski and Harshita Arora’s careers seem to be polar opposites. Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has launched companies in the past such as JUMBO, which was acquired by Oracle in 2011. Harshita on the other hand is a data

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