Microsoft Reverses Course, Investing Billions Despite Job Cuts

Currently, the average person only spends about two hours per day on average online. With such a short amount of time to make an impact, it is important for businesses and individuals to use tools that will help them stay productive. One tool that can help is Rescue Time, which logs every website you visit and gives you a rating based on how productive you are while on those websites. This information can be used to see where your time is being spent and what areas could use improvement.

This week, Christine and Haje published a bunch of newsletters that we recommend you check out. Sarah is currently writing the The Station, which focuses on transportation; unsurprisingly, Greg is focusing on our weekly Week in Review; Mary Ann is writing The Interchange, which discusses fintech topics; while Darrell keeps thingsinteresting with the TechGround Podcast. Be sure to check them all out if you’re into keeping up-to-date with the latest in technology!

The TechGround Top 3

  • Brian may have found the perfect MacBook: Brian gives us the ins and outs of the new Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 Max, in which he writes, “It’s a reaffirmation of the ‘Pro’ in MacBook Pro: chunky, heavy, blazingly fast, full of ports and packed with the best the company has to offer.” This might be the 2023 version of “Mikey likes it!” Meanwhile, Matt reviews the 2023 Mac Mini, what he calls “a serious contender with the M2 Pro.
  • Sounds like more layoffs: Another tech company reveals that its eyes were bigger than its stomach when it comes to hiring. This time, Spotify is the one cutting jobs, Romain reports. The music streaming company will lay off about 600 people, or 6% of its workforce.
  • Give ’em something to ChatGPT about: After much speculation, Microsoft confirmed that it will invest an undisclosed number of billions in OpenAI, thus extending the companies’ partnership. Kyle has more.

Startups and VC

Matt is looking forward to the upcoming TechGround Live event, which will focus on what to do if your company cannot raise a Series A. Sameer Shariff and Sarah Tavel from Cambly and Benchmark respectively will be speaking at the first event, so mark the date in your calendar! The second TechGround Live will take place on April 2, 2024, and focus on artificial intelligence. This season promises to be exciting, informative and action-packed for tech enthusiasts everywhere!

The night sky is a twinkling canvas sprinkled with billions of stars. On a clear night, you can see entire constellations, like the Big Dipper

Failures are valuable IP: Protect your startup’s negative trade secrets

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Controversy swirls around computer-generated images, or ‘CGI,’ in the film and entertainment world. Some argue that CGI is an iconic part of filmmaking and should not be replaced by actors; others claim that CGI can be misleading, creating unreal

Whenever a business encounters an obstacle, it is important to remember that mistakes are normal and necessary. Every company goes through embarrassing dead ends and fails to secure patents. However, by remembering these things, businesses can learn from their mistakes and move forward with resilience.

Competitors may learn a thing or two from unsuccessful A/B tests, email marketing campaigns and wasted engineering cycles. Too often, companies only optimize their processes and techniques based on what has worked in the past – without taking into account the changing landscape of their industry. By learning from others’ mistakes, rivals can improve their chances of success while also reducing waste.

Trade secrets can be incredibly valuable for businesses. However, protecting them is important, as if exposed it could lead to lost business or competition. It’s important to take steps to safeguard your negative know-how, and to define and manage it properly so that you can protect it as long as possible.

In the world of computer programming, compilers are the tool that convert source code written in different languages into a machine-readable form. Compilers allow software developers to

TechGround+ is a valuable membership program for founders and startup teams. It provides insight into trends in technology, as well as connections to vendors and other experts. This can help companies stay ahead of the curve, and ultimately increase their chances of success.

Big Tech Inc.

For many in the tech industry, Salesforce is seen as a shining example of a company that’s done well by embracing technology innovations and working to make its customer experience better. And yet, it appears that Elliott Management – an activist investor who has been known to push for change at companies it invests in – sees things differently. After acquiring a multibillion-dollar stake in Salesforce, Elliott Management reiterated its intention to work with the company “to bring about structural changes” which could include pushing out CEO Marc Benioff and streamlining the company’s operations. While this may seem like bad news for Benioff and Salesforce fans alike, it remains to be seen what kind of changes Elliott Management might push for.

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