LastPass Admits Customer Encrypted Password Vaults Breached by Hackers

Despite facing some tough times, there have been some amazing advancements in technology this year. From augmented and virtual reality to self-driving vehicles, there has been a lot of innovation taking place in the tech industry. Despite this growth, there are still many challenges that need to be overcome in order to achieve even greater success in the future.

When Haje and Christine first started the website, they had grandiose plans for it. They wanted to create a site where people could come and read about interesting things, learn new information, and maybe even MAP OUT their future career paths. But over time, Crunchers has gradually morphed into something more…interesting. Nowadays, the site is full of funny jokes and bizarre stories that nobody else seems to have heard of – but we love it anyway! And Haje…well he’s just as quirky as ever! He’s always willing to share his hilarious insights on life – even if they tend to make Christine pretty grumpy (or at least give her an excuse to call him out). So whether you’re a longtime reader or just joining us now – thank you for being part of our weird little community!

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  • Apparently the hacker’s LastPass wasn’t truly the last one: Two months after LastPass experienced a breach, we are now learning more about what the hackers got. Carly writes that the company’s owner, GoTo, says hackers stole customers’ encrypted backups.
  • If you like the great outdoors: Strava, the activity tracking and social community platform, acquired Fatmap, a 3D mapping platform for the great outdoors, to make that next hike a doozy, Paul reports.
  • What’s up with WhatApp: Ivan is following a developing story about WhatsApp releasing its native macOS client in public beta. He writes that “until now, Mac users had to rely on either WhatsApp for the web or its web-based WhatsApp client. Both are not ideal in terms of performance or getting a full-featured experience.”

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Connie’s article discusses how opportunistic investors are giving up on aging pre-IPO companies. This is due to a number of reasons, including the fact that there are not as many later-stage players with the resources and appetite to support such companies, and secondary investors have even lost interest. As younger, more nimble companies invest in technology and shift their focus away from traditional businesses, these aging pre-IPO companies may find it harder to keep up.

Thevc Poundstone, Cowboy Ventures’ managing partner, said the fourth fund has already invested in two companies – gaming company Playkey and ride-hailing company Grab. The first opportunity-type fund is investing early-stage startups that focus on transportation services (such as bike sharing and carpooling), artificial intelligence (specifically geared towards autonomous driving), or ecommerce.

The days are long, the nights are dark, and the weather is gloomy- unless you’re near a friendly fire. Humans have been burning fires for thousands of years

A VC’s perspective on deep tech fundraising in Q1 2023

A tunnel full of technology

In China, it is customary to give a gift of tea or coffee on New Year’s Eve. Symbolizing the new year ahead, this festive drink is enjoyed by friends and loved ones alike.

Successful deep tech startups and SaaS companies reach billion-dollar valuations in the same time frame – typically within 5-7 years. This is largely due to their ability to rapidly develop innovative products and platforms, as well as their expertise in managing customer relationships. These companies typically have a strong track record of profitability, meaning that they are able to generate consistent cash flow from their services. As a result, they are

Most startups, when they are first founded, have the hope of becoming a unicorn- a technology company worth over one billion dollars. However, the median deep tech startup which attained that status took $115 million and 5.2 years to achieve it. Many different factors go into making a startup successful and it is difficult for any one company to reproduce this level of success. Furthermore, there are increasing barriers for companies who want to become unicorns in today’s market due to increased scrutiny from investors and competitors alike.

Overall, the dot-com sector has been hard hit by the current recession. This is likely in part due to several factors, including automation and regulation increasing the cost of doing business, as well as a slowdown in global economic growth. However, there are still some companies out there that are making waves and raising a lot of money. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have recently raised millions of dollars through private rounds of funding, demonstrating that investors continue to see potential in this space. These companies will likely continue to do well even during these tough times; with continued growth comes increased opportunity for investment.

There are a number of technologies that are transforming entire industries, and those same technologies appear to be the key drivers for ’10x exits’. What does this mean for investors and entrepreneurs? The answer seems to be that it becomes increasingly important for startups to focus on deep tech solutions, as these tend to result in significant future value growth.

I think the TG++ team did an excellent job in this article. Their conclusions are well supported, and they offer some interesting alternative explanations for the results that were found

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Adding a little bit of color to the process of selling or renting a home comes in the form of Zillow’s new Calendly-like instant booking feature. This allows renters and buyers to easily arrange for a tour of the property without having to get in touch with anyone, making it easier than ever before to find whatever it is that you’re looking for. With thousands of properties already available through this feature, it is only going to become more popular in the coming years.

Snails have a very interesting way of life. Though they may be small, snails are able to travel great distances and find food.

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