Disney+ Advertisers Gaining Access to Hulus Targeted Ads

Disney has long been a proponent of advertising targeting, and today they unveiled plans to roll out some of Hulu’s ad targeting capabilities to their upcoming Disney+ streaming platform. The new service will allow advertisers the ability to specifically target viewers across devices, including tvOS, iOS, Android devices and desktop browsers. This gives advertisers a more holistic understanding of what audiences are watching on different platforms in order to make more informed decisions about their ad campaigns.

Disney+, the newly launched ad-supported streaming service from Disney, granted ads access to Hulu’s powerful targeting tools so that advertisers can better target their ads and bring in more revenue. Although this was likely done in order to appeal to ad agencies and attract more customers, it also opens up new opportunities for advertisers who may not have been able to target specific audiences before.

According to Ferro, this move is designed to help Disney+ compete with other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu by giving its ad targeting capabilities a boost. By July, all of Disney’s streaming platforms will be able to offer these enhanced targeting abilities, which could give advertisers a broader reach when promoting their products.

Disney+ is Disney’s new streaming service that offers exclusive content not available on other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Unlike other streaming services, Disney+ does not rely on ads to generate revenue. The ad server that Disney has built allows the company to completely control how and when ads are delivered, which gives them a lot of creative freedom when it comes to advertising.

Disney’s ad technology gives it an edge in the advertising market. Besides controlling delivery behavior for its ad partners, Disney also has first-party data to work with which helps tailor ads more accurately. This type of targeting ability is something that Netflix cannot afford to do on its own and is why they partnered with Microsoft.

The Disney Ad Server delivers ad impressions to a variety of different websites, including ones that are not strictly Disney-owned. This makes the server an essential tool for reaching a wide audience and helps to promote brands and products that may not be well-known or marketed by the company itself.

Disney’s Audience Graph has enabled advertisers to achieve three times higher match rates than traditional methods, according to Director of Advanced Analytics and Data Solutions Christine Chung during today’s showcase. Disney Select, the company’s premier audience segment offering, is built on over 100,000 audience attributes taken from 235 million devices and User IDs. This expansive data sets allows advertisers to more accurately target their audiences and create more powerful campaigns.

Disney is an industry leader when it comes to automating transactions within their business. By 2024, they plan on having 50% of their ad sales automated. This will save the company time and money, as well as increase efficiency overall.

The company also confirmed new deals with Nielsen and Fox International Channels, both of which will give Disney access to their audience measurement services. This will give the company a better understanding of how its content is performing and help it to make better decisions about what shows to produce and which ones to broadcast.

EDO’s innovative predictive technology is helping advertising leaders like Disney to better understand and predict the effectiveness of Convergent TV campaigns. In a time when traditional advertising methods are becoming less effective, EDO’s data-driven approach is essential for ensuring that businesses continue to grow in a competitive market.

Disney announced a new multi-year relationship with Samba TV to measure reach and frequency across all connected devices. The agreement will allow Disney to track how viewers are interacting with its content across different platforms, which will give the company valuable insights into how best to serve its audiences.

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