Ventures Denka to Launch $100M VC Fund with Pegasus Tech Ventures

Pegasus Tech Ventures set up a $100 million fund with Denka, a Japanese chemical and life science company. The goal of the fund is to help invest in startups that are working on cutting-edge technologies related to chemicals, life sciences, and clean energy.

Denka’s investment philosophy is tailored to align with its 2030 mission of investing in startups addressing pressing global issues. Denka is interested in startups that are focused on sustainability and population growth, as these are both areas where the company believes there is great potential for innovation and progress. Rising temperatures, increasing levels of pollution, and an ever-growing populace all present enormous challenges which must be addressed by the newly formed corporate venture capital fund. This initiative will allow startup companies to access funding and technical resources needed to improve their solutions, making a real impact on solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Pegasus Tech is a Singapore-based hi-tech startup management and investment firm, which has raised over $1 billion in CVC funds from large global corporations. These corporate partners – mostly from the manufacturing sector – want to put capital into hi-tech startups in order to incorporate advanced technologies into their core businesses. This allows these companies to stay ahead of the curve, and compete better against their rivals. Pegasus Tech helps these startups navigate this process by providing them with support and funding resources.

In Denka’s search for early- to late-stage startups in renewable energy, EV batteries, chips and health tech, Pegasus Tech will be an invaluable asset. The company’s check size range will allow it to explore a wider variety of potential investments, while the team’s experience and expertise in the respective industries will help Denka make smart choices.

In Denka’s eyes, there is not one single pathway to success for startups looking to venture capitolize. Instead, Denka takes a hands-on approach, working with each startup in order to validate their thesis and determine the best course of action for investment. While Pegasus makes the final investment decision, Denka’s team will play an active role in helping the startup grow and succeed.

Pegasus Tech has mostly been successful in connecting corporates with startups because the two groups share a similar mindset. Both are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, and both arebitious. Pegasus Tech’sVC as a service model allows startups to get direct investment from experienced professionals who can help them grow and scale quickly.

The venture capital firm has a long history of partnering with various companies in the video gaming, automotive, and retail industries. Some of the notable companies that have partnerships with the VC firm include Sega, Japanet, NGK Spark plugs, Asus, Aisin, Bandai Namco Entertainment Corporation , and Sinar Mas. This extensive network provides the firm with access to a wide range of potential customers and investment opportunities.

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