Spatial Labs Secures $10M Seed Round to Accelerate Web3 Infrastructure Development

Spatial Labs is a web3 infrastructure and hardware company that seeks to create interesting products and shopping experiences using augmented reality. The company has closed a $10 million seed round led by Blockchain Capital with participation from Marcy Venture Partners, the firm co-founded by Jay-Z

In the not too distant future, the world may be a much more environmentally friendly place thanks to Sandu and his team at Metaverse. Through their innovative platform, which allows users to add context to their real world experiences, they hope to spark a change in how people view their environment and how they spend their money. By creating an online space that integrates with reality, Metaverse is helping to create a more sustainable future for all.

“It’s always crypto winter being a Black founder.” Iddris Sandu, founder, Spatial Labs

Although it can be tough being a Black founder in Silicon Valley, Iddris Sandu is not one to let the challenges get her down. In fact, she sees crypto winter as an opportunity to focus on her company, Spatial Labs. With prices for cryptocurrencies plunging earlier this year, the industry has become increasingly competitive and Sandu has been able to attract new investors and partners. Her goal

Despite a number of teething problems, LNQ-enabled clothing has quickly become a popular form of luxury apparel. Spatial Labs is expected to unveil new designs incorporating the technology in the near future.

With LNQ, brands can create interesting and unique in-person and online experiences with their customers by embedding a chip into physical products. Customers simply have to bring their phone within proximity of the product to gain access to loyalty benefits, which cuts down on wasted time signing up for email lists or filling out surveys.

In the 21st century, there is a growing demand for accurate nutritional information when it comes to products we buy and consume. Sandu’s company wants to fill that gap by creating an ecosystem of information that is accessible through their products, as well as the objects we put into our homes. They believe this will help us make more informed decisions about what we eat, and ultimately help us live healthier lives.

Sandu’s experience and drive make him an important voice in the blockchain and web3 space,ByteDance believes. Already a pioneer for being one of the youngest Black men to raise a double-digit seed round, he is dedicated to helping others in his community succeed.

In spite of the challenging crypto winter, Dariusz said that it was worth it for Black founders to continue raising money. He noted that there is little difference between a bear market and a bull market for them since they are constantly discriminated against in terms of funding. Despite the volatile markets, Dariusz is confident in his company and believes that its products will be successful.

With its fresh capital and expansive plans, Spatial Labs is looking to continue scaling its blockchain-enabled technology and expand into other industries. Later this year, the company plans on launching a device called Node that simplifies how long it takes to develop and deploy augmented reality experiences. Additionally, using its chip technology, the company is looking to reduce the barrier of entry into web3 and augmented reality.

Iddris Sandu sitting in a chair.

After spending time teaching himself how to program, Sandu decided that entrepreneurship was the path for him. He started out by creating an iPhone application and selling it on the app store. From there, he ventured into other industries, eventually founding his own company which provides technology consulting and support to small business owners in Los Angeles. While still young, Sandu has made a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur and is committed to furthering his success both in business and within the community.

Today, X is one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs in the tech world. His company, which he started while still a high school student, has received accolades from industry experts and has already made an impact on the global economy. He is also known for his work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), his unique approach to business development and partnering skills, and his ability to think outside of the box. With so much success under his belt already at such a young age, it’s safe to say that X is going to be one of Silicon Valley’s biggest stars of tomorrow!

In light of the lack of knowledge and information affecting Black youth, Reuben created a textbook specifically for the population he is studying. With unique photographs and personal narratives, Reuben’s textbook seeks to bridge the gap in understanding between Black youth and those who have more experience. He hopes that by providing this resource, more conversations will be held throughout society about issues facing African Americans today.

Sandu is right, separatism as it relates to information is the easiest way to keep people out of space. In his opinion, next year he plans on launching a personal fund which will focus on technology and hardware innovation specifically for people of color. This way they can not only stay afloat in the tech world, but alsopush boundaries and create their own unique perspective.

Phil has always been known as one of the brightest and most innovative minds in tech. After years of experimentation and hard work, he’s finally built something that’s going to change the industry–Spatial Labs.

This young startup is on a mission to make it one of the fastest-growing unicorns in history, and Phil is doing everything he can to ensure that happens. He wants Spatial Labs to inspire future generations of technology enthusiasts; needless to say, he also wants his products to have a real—and positive—impact on society overall.

To Randy, legacy means working to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible. He’s passionate about using his products and skills to help others succeed, and he firmly believes that the best way to do this is through building lasting relationships. As a result, he focuses his efforts on cultivating strong client relationships and helping others reach their fullest potential. His goal is not just to sell products; it’s to contribute value in ways that last indefinitely.

Sandu, the Gatekeeper has a duty to see that all doors are closed, preventing anyone from accidentally entering the wrong places. Unknown to most, Sandu possesses powerful magic that allows him to manipulate time as needed. With enough practice, he may one day be able to travel through time and close every door permanently- ensuring no one slips up again!

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