Startup Aims to Take On Canva with $11.6M Series A for Design Platform

### Create is a promising startup that is aiming to make professional design tools more user-friendly. By removing the fiddly interface elements and making them more intuitive, they may be able to reignite the creativity of many people who have lost faith in Adobe products.

Design platforms like Kittl allow anyone to easily turn their ideas into graphic products. This funding round shows that investors are willing to back the idea, and that there is demand for such a product.

Left Lane Capital is a leading venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. They have been investing in startup companies for over 15 years and their latest investment in Cycle thinks that they may have found the next big thing. With their backing, Cycle will be able to accelerate its growth and impact the cycling industry as a whole. This funding will allow them to continue innovating their products and expanding into new markets.

Left Lane Capital is a major player in the education sector, having invested in companies such as GoStudent, Wayflyer, and Masterworks. The firm’s investments have led to notable successes, with all of the aforementioned companies outperforming expectations. Left Lane Capital has a track record of identifying up-and-coming startups and helping them grow into successful businesses. With its extensive experience in the education market, Left Lane Capital is well poised to continue

Kittl is a relatively new company, co-founded by Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul, whose main product is a browser-based graphic design tool that makes creating logos, labels, postcards and more quick and easy. Kittl allows users to create graphics either individually or collaboratively with others online. With Kittl’s simple drag-and-drop interface and plenty of customizable options, it’s perfect for creating graphics that are both professional and stylish. Whether you need to create a logo for

Kittl screenshot

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Designing professional-grade logos and graphics can be a complex process, requiring hours of training and practice. With Kittl, however, users are able to create designs quickly and easily by removing the barrier of a tough learning curve. Kittl’s features are designed to make complex design processes simple and accessible with a few clicks. This makes it an ideal tool for any designer looking to get started or improve their skills quickly.

Kittl is a Berlin-based start-up that rebranded after raising a €1.6 million Seed round in October 2021. Founders Heymann and Tobias Saul originally founded Heritage Type, which focused on designing typefaces inspired by early modern print culture. After raising the money, Kittl switched gears and began producing elegant, minimalist typography that’s both contemporary and timeless. The typefaces are prominently featured on the company’s website and logo, lending an air of sophistication to any project or brand.

The rapid proliferation of AI and machine learning threatens to displace a number of manual tasks currently performed by human staffers. However, the company plans to “double down” on existing A.I. and machine learning efforts in order to ensure that its customers are not left without necessary support

Left Lane Capital is a venture capital firm that has backed Kittl, a platform that allows anyone to create high-quality graphics easily. Kittl’s rapid growth is testament to the company’s commitment to creating an easy-to-use platform that enables users to creatively express themselves.

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