Mirantis Adds Shipa to Their Cloud Services Offerings

Today, Mirantis announced that it has acquired Shipa, a startup that builds tools to help developers develop, deploy and manage cloud-native applications. Shipa previously raised a $3.75 million seed round in 2020, co-led by Engineering Capital and Jump Capital. The acquisition price was between $10 million and $30 million (in both cash and stock). This acquisition will help Mirantis continue its focus on helping developers build more resilient applications using the latest cloud platform technologies.

In March, Mirantis will integrate Shipa into its Lens platform, which promises to help businesses accelerate their cloud-native application delivery. By abstracting the complexities of building and running cloud-native applications on top of Kubernetes away by providing a single platform that developers and ops teams can use to develop, deploy, monitor and debug their workloads,[1] Mirantis seems particularly interested in Shipa’s capabilities around security and governance as well as its tooling to make updates easier. By integrating the two platforms,[2] Mirantis plans to provide businesses with a more consolidated approach toward delivering cloud-native applications.

When it comes to choosing the underlying technology for a cloud-native application, developers have two primary options: use an automated toolchain built by Shipa or use their own preferred set of tools. The former option is often less complex and requires fewer manual steps, but the latter option gives developers more control over their technology infrastructure.

Vivek Pandey and Andrade will be joining Mirantis, bringing the total number of employees at the company up to 30 in total. Mirantis is a rapidly-growing startup that provides Enterprise Linux solutions and support services. The company has plans to expand its reach into other markets as well, including cloud hosting and data center consulting. With such a large team and diverse range of services, it’s clear that Mirantis is prepared to take on the competition.

Lens application discovery, optimization, security and management capabilities could benefit many companies. According to Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel, this technology could help users discover and use the best applications, protect their data from online threats and manage their settings efficiently.

Given Lens’ popularity and Mirantis’s claim that 50% of Fortune 100 companies are using it, it seems likely that the company has some innovative features that other similar products do not. It will be interesting to see howLens fares in the marketplace over time, as its features seem tailor-made for specific uses cases.

Mirantis has made a number of acquisitions in the past few years, with amazee.io being their most recent. These acquisitions help Mirantis keep up with the competition, and give them an advantage in the cloud-native app arena.

Shipa and Mirantis joining forces is a match made in heaven. Both companies have a passion for simplifying the developer experience, and together they will be able to offer even more value to the Kubernetes community. With Mirantis’ acquisition of Opsworld last year, they already have a strong foothold in the application management space, which should help Shipa as it endeavors to become one of the leading providers of application infrastructure-as-code.

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