Transform Your Business with Eazy Digital: Digitizing Insurers in Southeast Asia

Eazy Digital is an insurance technology company that specializes in helping small insurance companies in Southeast Asia to scale up more efficiently. Their SaaS platform enables insurers to digitize many parts of their operations, making it easier for them to grow.

The Bangkok-based startup announced today that it has raised a seed round of $850,000 from Wavemaker Partners and participation from Seedstars International Ventures, Wing Vasiksiri and Sasin Bangkok Venture Club. The startup is focused on providing an online marketplace for small businesses in the Thai economy to connect with each other and find new customers.

Haprem Doowa and Maethavee Sukul founded Eazy Digital with the goal of making insurance shopping more user-friendly by providing detailed information about each policy option and reducing the need for customer contact. Eazy Digital is dedicated to helping customers find the best policy options for their needs, whether that’s through its online broker services or digital health insurance options.

Eazy Digital co-founder Haprem Doowa

Haprem Doowa is the co-founder of Eazy Digital, a digital design and development agency that specializes in helping small businesses grow online. With more than 15 years of

Together, Sukul and Doowa identified that a manual insurance workshare was commonplace, and needed to be eliminated. They began working on a solution that would allow for automation, and quickly realized that the insurance industry was rife with Quick-and-Easy homebuilt solutions. By combining natural language processing with machine learning algorithms, they were able to create AutoInsurance Thailand- an AI powered workflows toolkit that allows agents to manage their accounts manually in a quick and efficient manner.

Eazy Digital is a platform that allows smaller insurance companies to digitize their operations and manage agents, operations, user referrals, and engagement. It is affordable and helps solve the scalability issues of these companies. This platform enables insurers to compete with larger insurance companies by offering innovative technology solutions.

Eazy Digital has emerged as a leading software provider for insurers. The company’sdistribution and efficiency advantages make it well-positioned to capture market share from its rivals, which include eBao, Appman and ZA Tech. This success is likely attributable to the company’s focus on insurer needs and its ability to generate sustainable revenue streams from agency sales and customer referrals.

With its new investment, the startup is looking to bolster its marketing efforts as well as add more staff in order to expand into other Southeast Asian markets. Being one of the newer startups in this region, it will need to work hard in order to distinguish itself from its competition.

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