Entocycle Closes $5 Million Investment for their Innovative Insect Breeding Tech

Insects play an important role in the world’s food chain and some insects, like black soldier fly larvae, are particularly valuable for livestock and fish. Similarly, many people may find insect eating unpalatable but they play a vital role in the ecosystem. Insects are able to convert plant matter into food which is essential for both humans and other animals.

The company is looking to triple production in the next three years, as it sees a market for its products in areas such as automotive manufacturing and solar power generation. The injection of new capital will go towards expanding R&D efforts and marketing the product abroad.

Given the ever-growing trend of athletes and sports professionals investing intech startups, Teampact Ventures is certainly in good company. Antoine Dupont, Nikola Karabatic, James Haskell and Antoine Brizard are all contributing money and advice to Entocycle, a new French VC firm partnered with current and former athletes. This gives startups access to insider knowledge as well as some of the most respected names in sports.

Entocycle has been around since 2016 and is now looking to commercialize its products with the infusion of new cash. The company plans to improve its flagship product, the Entocycle Neo, by iterating on it. This move reflects Entocycle’s dedication to developing innovative technologies that help people live a healthier lifestyle.

The Entocycle Neo is a unique hardware module that can be used in insect farms to monitor and collect data on the health and productivity of black soldier flies. The optical sensors combined with the software solution that analyzes images accurately measure production. The Neo provides farmers with important information about fly health, allowing them to make better farm decisions.

Insect farms are a necessary part of the food supply, but they can be extremely labor-intensive. Automating these processes could lead to increased productivity and lowered mortality in insect farms.

Entocycle is a new startup that is focused on helping companies in the food industries secure their supply of proteins. Their fly cage consists of a built-in climate control system that helps keep the larvae healthy and growing. This could be a huge boon for companies who are struggling to find enough black soldier fly larvae to meet their needs.

The appeal behind Entocycle is its switch to insect-based proteins. This could drive down soybean production and imports, as well as deforestation – indirectly. Insect farms could also integrate into the waste management cycle, gobbling up food waste along the way – making them a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional food production methods.

The Entocycle Neo, which looks like a cage illuminated by LEDs with a camera looking at black solider fly eggs

If you were to take a look at the manufacturing of some traditional foods, you would see a variety of chemicals and enzymes being used. With Ent

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