Exploring Members-Only Worlds with Metas Horizon Testing

Meta’s members-only worlds are an interesting way to give creators the ability to control their communities and incentivize social interactions. This system can help creators grow their fan bases while moderating problematic content.

For the first time, creators can offer members-only worlds that let them do things like host a book club, gather a gaming group or just hang out with friends and family without having to worry about uninvited guests. Meta explained that this feature is especially important for creators who want to focus on their craft without distractions.

Horizon worlds members-only worlds

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Meta’s new moderation features for creator-owned worlds will enable communities to set the rules and maintain their culture, while also empowering creators to decide how much moderation is necessary. This allows communities to grow and develop their own norms, while protecting members from inappropriate content.

At first, the Personal Boundary feature seemed like a way to create a safe space for users in Horizon Worlds. But new members-only worlds could be seen as another way for Meta to address the reports of groping and sexual harassment. This way, users can relax and focus on their gaming without worrying about others invading their personal space.

With the launch of the new Horizon Worlds test, Meta has expanded personal space and made it available for all players. This gives users a place to relax and get to know their friends before heading off to events.

Meta has announced that they will be releasing Horizon Worlds on more platforms soon, including the web and mobile. This will make it much more accessible for people, as Quest VR headsets are the only way to experience it currently. This addition gives people even more opportunities to explore this amazing VR world.

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