Secai Marche Secures Series A to Bring Farm-Fresh Produce to Southeast Asia

Secai Marche is a farm-to-table fulfillment platform that serves farmers in Japan and Southeast Asia. With this new round of funding, Secai Marche plans to expand its reach even further and help more farmers get their products to consumers.

Secai Marche is launching a new product that will allow users to buy and sell items online. The new service is different from other online marketplaces because it allows people to sell physical goods as well as digital products.

Secai Marche is a company that has managed to reduce the amount of waste produced in its cold supply chain by optimizing it. By minimizing lead time for deliveries, Secai Marche is able to maintain a wastage rate of less than 1%. This achievement demonstrates not only the importance of efficient logistics, but also how optimized cold supply chains can help reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency.

Sugiyama also said that Secai Marche is one of the few players in the F&B distribution industry in Southeast Asia which uses technology to improve efficiency. The company’s warehouse management system and demand forecast for perishable items helps smooth bumps along the food supply chain, making it easier for retailers and catering operators to procure goods from farmers and fishermen across Japan and Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is home to many farm-to-table startups, each of which makes food more accessible and interesting for consumers. These startups range from Eden Farm, a sustainable agriculture company that connects restaurants with local producers, to Kamereo, a online food ordering platform that connects consumers with local farmers. FreshKet is another startup in this category that specializes in fresh produce delivery to homes.

Secai Marche strives to provide a better fulfillment solution for all farmers, by carrying a wider variety of products and providing more transparency. This allows farmers to shop with confidence, knowing that they are getting the best possible product at the fairest price. By providing an end-to-end fulfillment solution, Secai Marche has made it easier for both producers and consumers to connect.

Secai Marche is expanding its service area, and needs to create a demand forecast system in order to optimize truck routing. The funding will be used to develop Secai Marche’s demand forecast system and optimize truck routing as it expands its service areas. This system will help ensure that the trucks are moving customers where they need to be, and helping the company reach its growth goals.

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