How Addressable is Matching Crypto Wallets to Twitter Accounts with $7.5M Raise

A new startup, Ignite Social, is aiming to do for social media what Marketo did for marketing around online users – by enhancing the marketing tools that already exist. Ignite Social promises to make social media more interactive and engaging by incorporating features such as chatbots and real-time content delivery. The company was founded by former executives from companies such as Adobe, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Compare and contrast Addressable’s digital fingerprinting startup with another recent crypto wallet matching attempt. Unlike the latter, which relied on user data publicly available on their social media profiles, Addressable claims to have the ability to match anonymous wallets with social media accounts. This could be a valuable asset for users as it would provide greater security and anonymity when using cryptocurrencies. However, there is some skepticism around this claim as it has yet to be thoroughly tested and verified.

If you want something done right, ask a busy person to do it. This is especially true if the task at hand requires a level of multitasking and quick thinking that most of us can only dream about. The operative word here is “ask.”

The news of a $7.5 million investment round for Stik is good news for investors interested in the burgeoning sector of home-from-home services. With companies like HomeAway and Expedia already dominating the market, Stik looks to be a serious player in this growing space.

If Web3 marketers want to know more about their audience, they need to identify them in some way. However, with crypto wallets being anonymous, this is difficult to do. Addressable hopes to solve this by allowing marketers to target those who have already made a purchase with cryptocurrency.

The theory behind Addressable’s solution to this problem is that by looking at data points across blockchain activity and social media activity, it is possible to identify groups of individuals who are more likely to be interested in purchasing products related to the given topic. This then allows marketers to target these audiences with ads, increasing the efficacy/ROI of such an investment.

The team at Blockocat had to create an algorithm that could match data points from 500+ crypto wallets and 100+ social media accounts. The goal was to develop a tool that would help people figure out which coins and tokens were the most popular among users.

Salt was founded on the belief that secure information is a human right. Their products are designed to make it easier for people to protect their data and identities, whether online or on the go.

One of the main goals has set for itself is to focus on customer reactivation, which is seen as a key factor in increasing user engagement. This objective is aligned with that of other CRM startups, such as Blaze, Cookie3, Kazm and Absolute Labs, all of which focus mainly on this area.

Addressable claims that their service is different because it captures a “more holistic and comprehensive approach.” Their goal is to unlock all web3 on-chain users by combining the power of their platform with the accessibility of blockchain. With access to more than 700,000 active addresses and millions of transactions per day, Addressable believes they can help make blockchain more accessible for everyone.

Some skeptics argue that the startups are simply exploiting investors’ excitement and lack of knowledge about Blockchain technology to raise more money. Others worry that these companies won’t be able to actually deliver on their lofty promises. However, the companies themselves seem confident in their abilities, putting forth a range of impressive plans. Whether or not these projects can stand up to scrutiny remains to be seen, but it’s clear that some clever minds are behind them.

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