Sam Altmans Hydrazine Empowers ValueBase with $1.6M Seed Round

One of the things that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is most passionate about is ensuring that artificial intelligence technology enjoys a positive impact. He firmly believes in the concept of ‘unbelievable abundance,’ and he firmly believes that this abundance should be shared equally among all members of society. Therefore, one of Altman’s main motivations for working on artificial intelligence is to ensure that it has a beneficial effect on humanity as a whole, rather than just benefiting those who have access to capital or are able to work in positions with technological expertise.

Karl Marx argued that money is creation of human beings and the engine of capitalism. A land tax, as proposed by Altman, would be a step in undoing the grinding gears of capitalism by creating an equal distribution of riches. In a world where jobs may create less economic value, this could provide everyone with an equal opportunity to grow their assets. Critics worry that a land tax would unfairly burden those who already have more and do not need or want more wealth; however, Altman seems prepared to battle these accusations head on with his startup, which is focused on making land the ultimate fixed asset.

While the ValueBase outfit may seem unremarkable on the surface, its plans to use land-based models to create property valuations and municipal tax assessments may have significant implications for the way that governments collect money from property owners. By automating much of the appraisal process, ValueBase could reduce a large part of the workload for municipal assessors, freeing up more time for more important tasks. This could lead to fairer taxation across a wide range of properties, as well as increased efficiency and accuracy in collecting taxes from those who hold property in Singapore or any other municipality.

The approach ValueBase is taking has a lot of potential to revolutionize the real estate industry. By understanding the key drivers of value, such as land characteristics, users can get a much more accurate understanding of a property’s worth. This information can then be used to negotiate better deals with sellers and make smarter decisions when purchasing property.

The widespread adoption of ValueBase could change how cities value and assess property. Municipal tax assessors would be able to more easily make a case to an owner about why a property has been designated with a specific value, as well as become more valuable to cities due to the number of assessors who are retiring.

ValueBase may be self-serving in its strategy of accessing critical data for creating commercial applications, but it has done so to create tools that help people achieve their financial goals. With this data, ValueBase has created a range of products, including brokerages and mortgage lenders. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to helping others succeed financially and provides users with access to valuable information that can improve their lives.

ValueBase is one of the newest entrants in the public land market, and it’s looking to set itself apart by learning as much as possible about every parcel of land in the United States and beyond. ValueBase believes that this knowledge will allow it to pave the way for public works in a particular place, benefitting both its customers and its shareholders alike.

In the music industry, few labels are as small and independent as ValueBase Records. Started by four friends in North Carolina, Virginia and Texas in 2000, ValueBase now employs just four people and still releases music independently. Though their distribution has diminished over the years, they have never stopped releasing new music or working with bands to help them grow. Their commitment to quality is only matched by their dedication to their fans- through emailing live concert streams long after recordings have been made available for purchase, they aim to keep fans as connected as possible.

The rapid pace of technological change is unprecedented in human history. A variety of experts have predicted that the rate at which this change is taking place will soon become exponential, meaning that it will continue to increase exponentially for a prolonged period of time. So if Altman’s prediction proves correct, it could mean significant changes for humanity in the not-too-distant future.

Altman, Cohen and their team are betting on ValueBase as a solution to the ever-growing problem of lost time productivity. The company offers a software that helps users manage their time more effectively by tracking their goals and tasks, as well as creating action plans to help them achieve them.

In the late 1990s, Will Jarvis founded ValueBase Corporation, a data-entrepreneurship firm that helps businesses find new ways to use data. The company’s clients include American Express, Pfizer, and Sotheby’s International.

Though ValueBase has seen its share of turbulence in recent years–including the resignation of CEO Doucet in 2015–the company

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