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  • Atomic AI, which uses machine learning to explore the potential of RNA in drug discovery, raised a $35 million series A round.
  • They have developed a machine learning model that can accurately predict the structure of RNA molecules based on a limited set of data.
  • They have since improved their model and are using it to pursue their own drug discovery program, which produces candidate molecules that might work to treat conditions that are drug resistant or notoriously difficult to treat.

If you’re looking for a new way to kill some time and pass the time while commuting, checking out a website called PopUpBlacked can be helpful. PopUpBlacked is an entertaining website that features articles about different ways to kill time, ranging from interesting facts about pandas to interesting facts about the solar system.

YourSummari will alert you when new content has been added, so you never miss a beat.

If you’re like most people, you care about football salaries. If you’re like me, though, you also care about Reveal’s new AI-driven notification system that previews articles with interesting and engaging summaries.

IncreasingLY, users are turning to Wikipedia for information. In response to this trend, the Wikimedia Foundation has experimented with a new way of pricing its website – by charging for each pageview. This change has resulted in 50% more pageviews and a decreased cost of exploration for users. The shift away from free content may not be popular with everyone, but it is likely to increase the popularity of Wikipedia – one of the most trusted sources of information online.

If you can figure out what your users are hovering over, you can significantly increase the amount of time they spend on your site. This will translate into more clicks and more customer engagement, which is something every product manager wants.

The pros and cons of affiliate links are summarized below. On the one hand, affiliate links can provide previews of products that users may find interesting. On the other hand, some users may find it objectionable when affiliate links are used uncritically in blog posts or articles for the sole purpose of encouraging visitors to purchase items from a particular vendor. In any case, readers should be aware of the potential implications before clicking through an affiliate link.

Summarizing, Shrager says that they’ve done a lot of work to make sure summaries don’t exhibit the kind of creativity language models are infamous for — names, quotes, and other things are always retained, and changing wording is limited to places where it won’t change meaning. This seems like a good step in ensuring that AI-generated summaries are accurate and understandable.

Although users benefit from Summari, website operators now have to pay a flat fee for access to the tool, as well as a small usage fee. This influx of revenue may not be ideal for some smaller websites who struggle to afford such fees, but it does provide a reliable and user-friendly way for owners of larger sites to manage their content and traffic.

When it comes to summarizing long articles, Shrager’s Inc. believes in scaling fast and making the overall price de minimis. That said, their process always starts with identifying key points thatacters can quickly digest; after all, no one wants to read 500+ word summaries when they could just go read the original article on their own. To make sure everything fits within a readers’ bandwidth, Shrager also employs a team of part-time researchers who help compile data into succinct bullet points for an article’s “Summary Report.”

TechGround is seeing a surge in users eager to summarize their website’s content using Summari. The company credits its success to the network effect, as other websites will be hesitant to discontinue their use of Summari if they see their backlink counts increase.

The company is not interested in looking for a quick exit. They have been aggressive with their investments in AI and see the long-term benefits of this technology. Although they are receiving offers, Shrager is confident that the company will be around for a while to come.

Some employees at the company feel the constant focus on profit is detrimental to the overall success of their mission. They worry that shareholders are not always fully benefiting from Google’s advancements, and they want to see more focus placed on promoting innovation and improving user experience. Some even advocate for abandoning traditional notions of shareholder value altogether in favor of something that would be better for society as a whole. This internal tension has led to several high-profile departures in recent years, including Alumni VP Corporate Development Amit Singhal, who left over disagreements about how Google should prioritize its products.

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