Toggle Robotics Rounds Up $3M from Latest Fundraising Push

Robotics technology continues to develop despite the recession, as evidenced by recent startups that are attempting to create more affordable and reliable robotics construction equipment. Robotics manufacturers have been able to maintain a small but loyal customer base through aggressive marketing and continued innovation in their products’ technology. Although growth may be slower during tough economic times, construction will continue to be one of the most important markets for robotics companies.

While many traditional robotics companies have been struggling to find a foothold in the market lately, construction-focused companies appear relatively unimpacted. New York-based Toggle this morning announced that it has added another $3 million to its coffers as part of a “Series A Extension.” This comes on the back of Japanese firm Tokyu Construction investing $15 million into the startup, giving it a total raise of $30 million.

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Daniel Blank, CEO of TechGround, has stated that the current economy is not good for startups. He predicts that the next few years will be difficult for them as more established companies with larger budgets and

With a renewed interest in American manufacturing and production capacity and the investments pouring into infrastructure and renewable energy in particular (but also batteries and microchips manufacturing), we have been successful at navigating the difficulties whether due to our category, a slowing economy or the pandemic. In this round, adding strategic investors, we’ve demonstrated that the problem of labor cost, availability and speed is really at the forefront for construction firms and they are going directly to the tech startups rather than through VCs to access solutions.

While the construction industry has seen a resurgence in recent years, with an increased interest in American manufacturing and production capacity and the investments pouring into infrastructure and renewable energy in particular (but also batteries and microchips manufacturing), many construction firms are facing difficulties due to labor cost, availability and speed. In order to overcome these challenges, some have turned to tech startups for innovative solutions. By partnering with these businesses, construction firms can access cutting-edge technologies that can streamline their processes while improving efficiency. This partnership not only benefits the startups themselves, but also helps support American manufacturing and production capacity.

Given that Toggle Robotics plans to double its headcount over the next year, it is clear that the company is confident in its future. This growth will be focused on engineering and operations, as these are the two key areas of need for robotic heavy construction. Already, Toggle has developed a rebar bending robot that can handle much heavier loads than traditional robots. This technology has tremendous potential, and by increasing its headcount, Toggle will be able to further develop its products and services while continuing to expand into new markets.

The pandemic has led to an increased interest in automating difficult and expensive pieces of the construction process. One such project is the construction of homes using 3D printing technology. This technology can build houses much more quickly and cheaply than traditional methods, which means that there is a greater chance that homes will become available to those who need them most.

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The growth of robotics in the construction industry has been evident in the use of prefab and modular construction methods. This technology is seen as a solution to time-saving challenges and inflationary pressures, which have plagued the industry over recent years. As such, it is likely that automation will continue to play an important role in the construction sector going forward.

With the new funding, Google is looking to increase its robotic production in order to speed up its current product lines. The company hopes that this increased automation will not only save them time and money, but also heighten the quality of their products.

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