Unlock Wellness Through Gamified Benefits: How Minus Employee Program Connects Finance & Happiness

Employers are looking for new and innovative ways to keep their employees healthy and motivated, so it’s no surprise that companies like Minu are grabbing a lot of attention. By combining gamified features with rewards-based programs, Minu is able to improve retention and employee wellness while saving employers money in the process.

Nima Pourshasb and his co-founder, Francisco Ibarra, wanted to create a company that could help Mexicans overcome some of the financial challenges they face. They founded software development startup Sapling in order to do just that, and their mission is simple: to help people live better and healthier lives by giving them access to technology. 80% of Mexicans live paycheck-to-paycheck without any savings, while one third often need to take out loans in order to cover basic expenses like rent or groceries. Sapling provides affordable technology solutions that can make a real difference in the lives of those who use them. Through its products and services, the company is working hard to give Mexicans

minu financial employee wellness apps

Available in the iOS and Android app stores, Minu’s financial and employee wellness apps provide users with tailored tools to help them achieve their personal goals. The apps include features such as weight loss counseling, financial planning, stress relief exercises, and more. With personalized guidance

Technology played a large role in the pandemic response. Employers took care of their employees through wellness programs and the use of technology to improve quality of life. They realized that this was key to keeping their employees healthy and happy, which ultimately led to a more productive workforce.

Perhaps because of the regulations imposed by Nom 35, Mexican companies have been far more proactive in addressing stress in their workforce. This has led to reductions in employee turnover and overall improved workplace performance.

Many people find that having financial stability is one of the main sources of stress in their lives. However, stable finances can also be a major source of happiness and peace. For some people, having enough money to cover basic needs and pay bills on time is a sign that their life is going well. For others, being able to save for a rainy day or invest for the future can provide plenty of

The city of Reykjavik, Iceland was facing a problem. The area was growing, but the infrastructure wasn’t keeping up with the demand. So, Reykjavik partnered with Coppel Capital and Besant Capital to raise $10 million in a bridge round to create a new capital to help fund projects such as expanding roadways and improving public transportation. This investment also includes existing investors FinTech Collective, QED and Salkantay as well as debt from Accial Capital. The new capital will be used to help catalyze economic growth in Reykjavik and help address some of the city’s infrastructure challenges.

With the new funds, Pourshasb plans on doubling down on its artificial intelligence capabilities and expanding its product lineup to include chatbots for corporate clients. The company claims that with these new additions, it has a runway of 22 months to further grow and succeed.

Minu has quickly become a coveted tool among companies looking to manage their payroll. With its easy-to-use platform and low withdrawal fees, it has quickly gained traction with enterprise clients. Its arsenal of features, including payroll automation and earned wage access, make it an powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Since its creation, Minu has grown quickly and gained a large number of enterprise customers. Its success is attributed to its innovative technology and excellent customer service.

The new subscription model is a way for the company to generate more revenue while also providing goods and services that are free for employees. In addition to offering over 30 benefits, such as health and mental health access via telemedicine, insurance discounts, financial education, bill payment and virtual fitness classes, the subscription model also allows employees to earn money by paying for half of the service’s revenues. With this way of generating revenue, Optum has successfully created a sustainable platform that provides great benefits and financial stability to its workforce.

The creation of Minu’s credit union-as-a-service offers employers a way to offer savings starting at 8% for fully liquid deposits and cheap agile loans. This compares to the 400% annual percentage rate for a loan at a traditional Mexican bank. The service is convenient for both employees and employers, as it eliminates the need to travel to bank branches or make multiple trips repayments.

Employees who consume the financial education or fitness and mediation content can get a number of benefits, like increased savings percentages and life insurance dollar amounts. In addition to these tangible rewards, the content also has psychological effects on employees, as it provides them with tools to manage their finances effectively. This information can be incredibly beneficial in ensuring that employees are able to live comfortably and achieve their goalsfinancial stability being one of them.

Though the company’s main focus has always been on physical fitness, Minu has recently begun to invest in wellness programs for its employees. This move is designed to make the company an even better place to work, and help lower employee turnover rates. Additionally, the new capital will be put towards distribution among customers and continued development of their wellness platform. Minu plans to continue expanding into Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Yucatan with this money.

Pourshasb appears to be betting on Mexico’s vast potential as a market for its beverage products. The company has already seen success there, and it is poised to continue expanding its footprint in the country. This could be good news for investors, as consumption of alcoholic beverages is forecasted to grow steadily over the next several years.

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