Facebook Gives Creators More Control with Comment Moderation Tools

Today, Facebook announced that it is introducing more comment moderation tools and controls to make it easier for creators to manage conversations on the social network. These new tools will be available through the comments manager section in Facebook’s Professional Dashboard. Facebook says that this feature is being released today to mark Safer Internet Day. This move by Facebook shows its commitment to ensuring a positive and Safe online experience for all users, regardless of their location or age. By improving commenting management, creators can help keep their conversations respectful and organized while addressing any offending remarks quickly and efficiently.

This addition to the Moderation Assist’s Activity Log will give creators visibility into how many comments were hidden from them in the past 30 days. This can help creators better understand when their content might need additional moderation and prevent potential abuse of their followers.

When creating a moderated post, moderators can now choose to hide comments with any of the following criteria:

– Doesn’t contain spam
– Contains harassing or abusive content
– Is off topic

This announcement by Facebook provides creators with a number of new tools to help keep their communities safe and consistent. These tools include the ability to search for comments by keyword, date, emoji, and more. Additionally, creators can now take bulk actions such as liking or hiding comments. This makes it much easier for creators to manage their comment sections in a way that is agreeable to them while also ensuring that their communities remain safe and consistent.

Meta’s recent roll out of comment moderation features for creators is an example of the company’s efforts to support them and ensure that they can safely interact with their communities. Meta has continued to expand access to its live chat agent support for creators, as well as rolling out moderation features within professional mode. This focus on providing creators with more tools and controls has been beneficial in helping them manage their communities better.

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