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As the world’s population grows increasingly mobile and engaged, there is a greater demand for content that can be easily shared. GlossAi, a startup based in San Francisco, aims to meet this demand by automating the process of turning a half hour of content into an infinity of short clips and posts. With AI at its core, GlossAi predicts that it can reduce the time necessary to create content by up to 80%.

It’s not surprising that artificial intelligence (AI) platforms like QuickVid are gaining in popularity. Once used strictly by businesses and professionals, AI platforms are now being adopted by more and more individuals who need to save time. This is especially true for people who have a lot of busy schedules. For example, you no longer have to spend hours editing video clips by hand; all you need is a good AI tool such as QuickVid.

GlossAi is a Tel Aviv-based startup that specializes in intelligent clipping of your existing video so that it can be easily shared and consumed. By automatically detecting key moments and speeches, GlossAi helps to optimize the content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Splitting the film up across various platforms could help it achieve a wider audience, and reap greater rewards for your production budget. For example, online streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu would be ideal outlets for offering access to a single platform, while also granting viewers the opportunity to selectively watch certain scenes or passages from the film offline on dedicated devices like TVs or tablets. Further expansions could include theatrical releases in multiplexes alongside VOD platforms and digital sales through retailers like Amazon and iTunes.

Given the wide-ranging topics of discussion, it is no wonder that cutting out 90% of the footage from a half hour interview between CEO and head of partner organization yielded a viewership increase by 3x! While on-the-go viewers appreciate concise videos, longer videos could be interesting for those who want to take their time in getting to the key points. And for companies with conference calls as part of their everyday operations, condensed videos offer an efficient way to promote thought leadership without sacrificing quality.

We all know the drill. You sit down for an interview and Google search turns up pages and pages of potential answers to the most banal questions. In this digital age, a job seeker doesn’t have to be shy about revealing their search preferences. But what if there was a way to take that interview and not just make a highlight reel, but also automatically produce things like 15-second snippets with matching stock (or generated) imagery, blog posts distilled from the transcript, e-books or slide decks that summarize each part, social channel content, and so on? Snackable as some would say!

GlossAi is likely to change the way we interact with text, rendering it more comfortable and natural. The app already has a large

The DeVore Amps verbal content-rich media creation system is a uniquely flexible tool that can be tuned to create any type of media, from home movies to more creative endeavors. With its modular design, DeVore Amps allows for endless possibilities in terms of sound, length, and voice. Whether you are looking to create a simple video or a complex audio piece, the DeVore Amps platform has everything you need to get started.

Luckily, there are easier ways to get your content out there than hitting all of the usual “Media” and “Producer Tools” web pages. A lot of these pages ask for so much information that it can be hard to know where to start.

One great way to get started is by using webinars. They’re a great way for producers to learn about new software or production methods, as well as connect with other professionals in the field. And since most webinars are recorded, producers can easily repeat them or share them with others in their network without having to create a video themselves.

As artificial intelligence continues to rapidly evolve, so too does the way in which people use it. Case in point: The rise of machine learning algorithms, which allow for software programs interpret and learn from data on their own. As a result, today’s businesses are using AI to automate tasks that would once have been off-limits due to human error or time constraints. This has resulted in an increase of pieces of content that merely take advantage of artificial intelligence without really offering anything new or revealing; just like the many spammy articles out there. However, as machine learning becomes more adept at recognizing patterns and understanding natural language (a development which is currently underway), this may start changing as well.

Many people are hesitant to call tools like ChatGPT and AlphaGo “AI,” or even think of them as having anything to do with AI. This is likely because they think of AI as a machine that can understand human language and act on its own, without any help from humans. But tools like ChatGPT and AlphaGo don’t require any understanding of human language; instead, they rely on computer models that have been trained using huge amounts of data. This means that ChatGPT can easily be adapted to create videos for a variety of different purposes, such as marketing campaigns or informational videos. In fact, many companies now use these types of tools to create engaging content for their website and social media platforms. So while these tools might not be considered “true” AI yet, they’re definitely contributing towards the development of the technology

In order to make sure that every meeting is as entertaining and engaging as possible, it can be helpful to create a deck of PowerPoint presentations after the fact. This way, not only will everyone be able to see the highlights of the discussion, but they can also use it as a learning resource for future meetings. After all, who could argue with more fun at work?

The company plans to use the proceeds from its latest round of funding to expand its marketing efforts, grow its user base and further develop its product. Kiln plans to eventually offer a suite of products that allow business owners to manage their finances more effectively.

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