Twitter: Exceeded Daily Tweet Limit? What Now?

Twitter users everywhere are being blocked from tweeting for no apparent reason. The only way to unblock oneself is by using a VPN, which many people are choosing to do in protest of the policy. Twitter has not yet released an statement on why they have decided to implement this policy, but it seems to be slowly driving users away from the platform altogether.

Many people are experiencing trouble tweeting on Wednesday afternoon, apparently because of a bug in the app. While tweets that were scheduled previously or ones scheduled moving forward still seem to work, those that are not appear to be blocked. This issue seems consistent across web and mobile versions of the app. Hopefully, Twitter can quickly resolve this issue so everyone can continue communicating unaffected.

Twitter tweet limit test

Twitter users are seeing errors on their platforms, with some reporting that they’ve exceeded their tweet limit and others stating that Twitter isn’t able to send tweets. While the reasons for these errors remain unknown at this point, they may be related to Twitter’s API configurations. Regardless of the cause, Twitter customers should be aware of these issues and take necessary steps to resolve them as soon as possible.

Dear Twitter,

I’m trying to sign in, but I keep getting an error message. Can you help me?


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