Warner Bros. Discovery to Maintain Discovery+ as U.S Stand-Alone Streaming Service

The new HBO Max/Discovery+ streaming service will offer viewers a variety of options for how to watch their favorite shows. Those subscribing to the lower-priced Discovery+ plan will be able to keep their subscription, while those who are not subscribers can choose to pay extra for the combined service. Despite this change, it seems that Warner Bros. Discovery plans on keeping the cheaper option available in order to encourage more people to sign up.

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For some subscribers, the price hike would have meant having to sacrifice either their favorite shows or no ads at all. However, HBO Max has now announced that those who currently subscribe to Discovery+, will not have to change their subscription if they do not want to. This means that those without an ad-free subscription can still enjoy great content without spending a fortune.

Despite the higher cost and potential subscriber backlash, HBO Max is likely to remain part of the Spectrum TV lineup for now. In order to keep as many subscribers as possible, it makes sense for the company to continue producing high-quality content like Discovery+ and avoid any unnecessary losses. This ensures that customers are happy with their television service, which in turn hopefully leads to even more subscribers.

Discovery+’s exclusive deal with A&E is a significant strategic coup for the streaming service. Combined, the two networks have nearly 130 million global subscribers, making them one of the most powerful multiplatform TV partnerships in existence. The pact gives Discovery+ access to A&E’s sizable library of content, including some of television’s most popular and critically acclaimed series.

The new move from WBD comes as it tries to compete with the upcoming HBO Max streaming service, which is rumored to be called “Max.” The streamer is reportedly getting an ad-free and ad-lite plan, and will feature all HBO Max content and the majority of Discovery+ content. It will launch in spring 2023 in the U.S., later on in Latin America, and then later on in Europe.

Given the consolidation trend going on within streaming services, it’s likely that we’ll see even more companies merge in the near future. This could result in fewer options for consumers, but it could also mean that each company will be able to offer even more exclusive content. It will be interesting to see how the market shakes out and which companies emerge victorious.

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