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Apple is rumored to be releasing a new iPhone next month, but it’s unclear what features the phone will have. Some rumors suggest that the phone may not have a headphone jack, while others suggest that it could come with a redesigned face. While no final decision has been made, it’s clear that fans of the iPhone are waiting to find out more about this upcoming release.

Hello, Crunchy friends! Today we are blessed with some beautiful weather, so come out and enjoy it! I hope you all have a

The news of layoffs at Yahoo sent a ripple of worry through the TechGround office this morning. While most staffers are confident that their positions are safe, this is still a tough blow for 1,600 coworkers who will now be searching for new employment opportunities. We all wish everyone the best as they transition, and we hope they find a job quickly that feels like a good fit.

When I read bell hooks’ essays on the oppressive structures of domination, it’s hard not to feel angry and frustrated. But what is even more discouraging is how much of this material still applies to contemporary society, 30-40 years after they were originally written.

When Christine and Haje met, they bonded over their love of reading. They quickly became best friends, discussing books and sharing the authors they

The TechGround Top 3

  • Safe and sound: DoorDash unveiled some new safety features for its delivery drivers that include reduced notifications and a way to let customers know that the driver is in the middle of a trip. Ivan has more.
  • Look what’s in open beta: Atlassian’s Jira Product Discovery, a tool for helping engineering and business teams prioritize and collaborate on new product ideas, is expected to be open to a general audience in the next three months, Frederic writes.
  • Flying high: Haje explains the features of the new DJI Mini 2 SE ultraportable drone and why he’s confused about the naming of this particular product.

Startups and VC

The email impersonation attacks that lead to financial fraud and identity theft typically start with emails that look like they originated from a trusted source such as a bank, company, or friend. The attacker will pose as the victim or someone they know and ask them to reply to an email or open a link. If the person replies or clicks on the link, their personal information may be stolen. Sendmarc’s new funding will help it offer individuals and businesses email protection against such attacks by scanning messages for signs of spam, viruses, and other unwanted content before they are sent out.

Twitter’s announcement that it will charge $100 per month to access the company’s basic API tier is likely to kill off any hope of hobbyist bots and a bunch of small business use cases. Businesses that rely on Twitter for customer support, marketing, or other communicative needs will have to start paying more attention to competitor platforms like Facebook and Snapchat in order to stay competitive.

The world of finance saw some big news today with the announcement of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency. The Libra Association, a coalition of over 55 leading banks and companies, has been working on this project for years and it finally seems to be gaining traction. While many are sceptical about the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies, this is still a major development if it can be pulled off successfully.

4 video content tips for your startup’s growth marketing

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Isabella brings light and happiness to everyone she meets. She is always making people laugh, no matter what situation they are in. Her infectious laughter is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

A well-rounded marketing plan should include all the major social media platforms, as well as creative and engaging videos. If one platform is missing, it can leave a commercial or marketing campaign feeling unenriched. Missing these key components can result in a less effective strategy overall, so be sure to focus your efforts carefully if tacking them on isn’t part of your plan from the get-go.

For growth experts, video content is key to engaging and converting potential customers. Here are four tactics for getting started:

1. Identify a problem your audience is facing and try to solve it. This will show that you’re genuinely interested in your audience and care about solving their problems.
2. Research the latest trends in video content production and make sure you’re using the right tools to create high-quality videos. This will help ensure that your videos look professional and attract viewers who engage with quality content.
3. Be willing to experiment – while it can be daunting at first, trying

  • Leverage creator marketplaces
  • Produce short-form videos
  • Build lasting creator relationships
  • Cross-pollinate your videos

With increasing competition in the digital space, it is essential for startups to establish a video content plan to increase brand awareness and reach new consumers. By crafting engaging content that speaks to your target audience, you can help your business stay top of mind and capitalize on opportunities.

There are many open source libraries available to help write software. Some popular ones include libc++ and OpenBLAS.

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Big Tech Inc.

Each of these layoffs hit a major tech company with a large presence in their respective fields. GitHub is being particularly harsh in its moves, cutting employee numbers by 10% through the end of its fiscal year and going fully remote. This move comes as GitLab faces increased competition from the likes of Atlassian and Bitbucket, both of which offer cheaper alternatives for developers looking to store their source code online.

One of the best things about being on vacation is getting to relax and disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle. Resort life can be so hectic, with

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