Amazon Angling to Take Over Indian Video Streaming Leader MX Player

The speculated deal between Amazon and Times Internet has investors excited, as it could mean huge benefits for both companies. For Times Internet, the deal would give it a much needed boost in brand recognition and market share, as well as additional resources to invest in its news operations. For Amazon, the deal could provide an enticing opportunity to gain access to Times Internet’s large audience base and cutting-edge content distribution capabilities. While the terms of the rumored deal are still in flux, investors are eager to see what final arrangements may be made.

Sources say that the Times Internet-owned App, now valued at $50 million, is up for sale. Some of the interested parties include Zee-Sony and another yet-to be disclosed company. Whoever buys it will have to manage a team of engineers who continue to work on improving the app’s user experience.

Given the popularity of MX Player and its focus on supporting a wide range of video formats, it’s no surprise that the app has seen success in India, where users are often forced to use apps that don’t support their preferred format. This has allowed MX Player to become one of India’s most popular apps, with over 300 million users worldwide. The app’s expansion into original content is another indication of its continued success in the market.

One of the benefits that MX Player has over its competitors is its large video catalog. This allows users to access a wide range of videos without having to pay a fee. In addition, ads are frequently featured on the service, which helps make up for the lack of an ad-free experience.

Prime Video’s aggressive pricing and free streaming service in India has been winning over Indian customers. The e-commerce group is currently the number one streaming service provider in the country, and its Prime Video subscription offers consumers an affordable way to access a wide range of movies and TV shows.

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