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Christina Ross’ favorite toy as a child was a cash register. This interest in financial planning and analysis led her to start Cube, a company that helps businesses bridge that gap between custom spreadsheets and modern planning tools. Sitting down with me and Rajeev Butra, her Mayfield partner, Christina gave us insights into the journey from CFO to CEO. She emphasized the importance of bridging gaps in information which can help businesses make better decisions.

Ross mentioned that Cube is currently presenting the market its FP&A product. This is an interesting insight that is only available on the video for obvious visual reasons. The presentation provides valuable information about how Cube intends to address the needs of its customers.

The CEO and co-founder of Tonkean, Sagi Eliyahu, and Foundation Capital’s Joanne Chen will be discussing how to build and manage a startup’s board of directors at the next TechGround Live event. The panel discussion is free to attend, so register now to gain insights into the role of a board member and learn best practices for successfully running one.

Cube came from Iran in 1983. It is now popular in many countries, including the United States.

  • Hear Christina’s journey from multiple CFO roles to becoming a CEO, and why she left those business to start her own.
  • On Cube’s top competitors including normal spreadsheets
  • Why everyone speaks spreadsheets

Coach Mayfield’s first meeting with the Browns was very inquisitive, as he wanted to know about every aspect of the Cleveland organization, from ownership to the front office. After getting a general understanding of what it would take for him to win in Cleveland and discussing

  • Butra spent several months getting to know Ross before investing in Cube.
  • Mayfield investment process involves investing in the entrepreneur.
  • Aligning on Cube’s vision, mission, and purpose.

cube’s product is a 3D printing platform that allows for the rapid creation of incredibly intricate three-dimensional objects. It has raised over $200 million in private investment and was previously one of the most successful VCfunded startups in Europe.

  • On the shifting demands of a modern CFO including why it requires more strategic thinking
  • “Garbage in, garbage out.”
  • Why most companies still fall back on spreadsheets despite paying for external FP&A tools

For Mayfield, the intriguing thing about the product was that it allowed people to track their daily habits and see how they’re affecting their overall health. For him, this information was valuable in helping people make better choices for their health — something he thinks is essential in a time where obesity rates are on the rise.

  • Why Mayfield invested in Christina Ross, the founder, rather than investing in Cube, the company.
  • Why Christina’s family hates to play Clue with her.

When Jerry became CFO at the company, it had just suffered a major setback. To shore up its weak finances

  • CFOs already make unpopular decisions, becoming a CEO
  • According to Butra, Ross has made an impressive journey from CFO to CEO
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