Solving the Lingerie Dilemma: Rihannas Savage X Fenty and FIT:MATG+H Join Forces

Savage X Fenty is employing FIT:MATG+H’s tech in a growing number of its retail stores, starting with a location in Atlanta, Georgia. The decision to use FIT:MATG+H’s tech is an investment for the brand as it looks to champion body positivity and improve measurements accuracy for shoppers. With this move, Savage X Fenty is following in the footsteps of other brands who have seen success with utilizing cutting-edge measurement software like this. By doing so, they are helping shoppers find lingerie that fits their unique body type and making shopping easier than ever before.

“FIT:MATG+H uses anonymized lidar scans to create an avatar and compare it with a digital twin database to find the best-fitting products for the shopper, taking less than 30 seconds from beginning to end.” This new technology isrevolutionizing the shopping experience by making it easier and faster for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Costs associated with traditional fittingsparks shoppers away, but FIT:MATG+H’s quick and simple process makes it more affordable and accessible for all.

The $10 million that FIT:MATG+H has raised so far is just the beginning for this startup. Brown hopes to continue to raise more money and grow the company in order to create innovative products and services that will improve people’s fitness experience. He is also hoping to expand into other markets, such as men’s fitness, healthcare, and wellness.

Savage X Fenty provides comfortable lingerie for women that fits them just right, with brick-and-mortar footprints expanding quickly. With locations in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and more on the way, this brand is creating a positive impact on women’s lives by providing the perfect fit and beautiful lingerie.

In the age of smartphones and app-driven retail, one startup is looking to revolutionize fitting rooms by using an iPhone’s lidar and body mapping technology. Fit:MatG+H hopes to make fitting rooms more efficient for shoppers by allowing them to quickly find their size, whether they are in a store or at home. This is possible through a partnership with Macy’s, who are currently trialing the app in their fitting rooms. If all goes according to plan, this app could soon be available across participating retailers.

FIT:MATG+H’s chief data scientist, Jie Pei, has developed groundbreaking body-mapping technology that is set to challenge the growing number of 3D body-scanning apps. Her expertise in this area will be a key advantage for FIT:MATG+H as it competes against other companies in this market segment.

The investment firm FIT:MATG+H has already received interest from other brands wanting a stake in the company, one of which was interested in a potentially lucrative but exclusive tie-up. If successful, the partnership could lead to other brand collaborations, increasing FIT:MATG+H’s reach and giving it an edge over its rivals.

Although the company debated between Savage X Fenty and FIT:MATG+H, they ultimately decided to sign a contract with Savage X Fenty because they believe that the brand has similar growth objectives as theirs. The brand is still quite young and has only been in business for five years, which shows their dedication to growing quickly. Additionally, being part of the Savage family allows for even more support and collaboration between them and helps get their product into more places around the world.

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