Microsoft Ditches Yammer for Viva Engage as Its Go-To Social Workplace Platform

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently announced that the company will be investing $1 billion in internet companies. This investment is part of a new initiative called “ vigilant philanthropy ” which will see the company giving back to society in ways that are impactful and meaningful. These investments will focus on areas like clean energy, education, health care and public safety.

For crypto traders, liking crypto was an attractive feature. Seventy percent said they would be more likely to go on a date with someone who is into the old ’chains, and four out of five think that’s hella sexy. We bet there may be some confirmation bias in those numbers, because waving a Ledger wallet at Christine or Haje would make for an interesting first date, but Jacquelyn’s well timed Valentine’s report based on a Binance poll is good news for those of you interested in immutable digital assets.

The Disrupt Early Stage event is a great opportunity to learn about startups and tech companies in the Boston area. By volunteer work, you can get a free Disrupt pass that gives you access to plenty of information and networking opportunities.

The interviews in Black Women Writers at Work offer a glimpse into the lives and work of some of the greatest writing women of the 20th century. The book yields valuable insights into how these intellectuals navigated their complex social and political environments, as well as their personal experiences. This valuable resource is essential reading for students interested in Black American literature, feminism, and sociology.

Christine and Haje met in Belgium while both were working as au pairs. They quickly became close, bonding over their shared love of cooking

The TechGround Top 3

  • Bye bye, Yammer: There wasn’t much yammering going on here, but Microsoft confirmed that it is getting rid of Yammer to go all-in on Viva Engage, Paul writes. Viva and Yammer chief vice president Murali Sitaram explains: “Over the last several months we’ve heard your feedback that having two apps surfacing similar experiences and the same services and content has introduced confusion and made it challenging to drive adoption and create clarity for end users.”
  • Take a deposit, leave a deposit: Andreessen Horowitz led a $4.5 million seed round into ModernFi, which is developing a marketplace that helps banks that need deposits to make loans find what they are looking for, while banks with too many deposits can offload them. Christine has more.
  • Hello, it’s more funding calling: In PhonePe’s quest to raise $1 billion, an investor group that included Tiger Global and Ribbit Capital invested another $100 million into “India’s most valuable fintech startup,” which is valued at $12 billion, Manish writes.

Startups and VC

Many late-stage companies will likely be looking for capital to invest in 2023, so establishing a large new fund can be advantageous. Bain Capital just closed its second growth Tech Opportunities fund with $2.4 billion, proving that this is a lucrative area of investment. Those with the financial resources to put into these types of ventures will likely do well, as the market for startup companies looks positive overall.

In order to turn a great idea into a viable startup, there are numerous steps that need to be taken, including patience and perseverance. However, when an idea originates in the lab – whether it is AI, biotech or another deep tech research project – the process becomes much tougher and significantly more expensive. Pae Wu, general partner at SOSV and CTO at IndieBio will join us onstage on April 20th in Boston to discuss this uniqueness of starting a startup from within research labs. By attending this event you will gain invaluable insight into how to turn your great idea into a successful business. DON’T MISS IT! Get your tickets today!

The city of New York is one of the most heavily populated and trafficked cities in the world. At any given time, there are over 8 million people living and

10 years of fintech failures: 5 innovations that didn’t live up to the hype

Red and blue darts in wall around red, white and blue dart board

Jefferson’s vision for the University of Virginia was far more than an institution of learning. It was also a place where students could explore their passions and develop skills that would be useful in life. Whether it was music, art, or athletics, Jefferson ensured that UVa offered a unique and

The tech industry (and the media that covers it) thrives on hype cycles. Whenever a new technological or innovation breakthrough happens, everyone rushes to proclaim it the next big thing and start to hype it up. The cycle usually starts with news stories touting how this new technology will change our lives for

ThePersonalDigitalAssistantFromThe1990sevolvedIntoSlick SmartphonesADecadeLater.Although many people might not consider personal digital assistants (PDAs) from the 1990s to be groundbreaking, they actually paved the way for modern smartphones. Over time, these clunky devices gradually morphed into sleek devices with advanced features and capabilities. In fact, some of today’s most popular smartphones—such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series—originated from early PDAs. So cheers to relentless cheerleading! It can sometimes

In recent years, there have been several new ideas that have come about in the world of technology. These include the Google barge, Juicero, and iSmell. All three of these innovations were met with mixed reviews from consumers at first, but eventually they became popularized and went out of style. This is because they were all attempts to jump-start a fad – Google barge was meant to be a novelty item that would entertained people while Juicero was meant to be the forefront of 2019’s trendy food delivery service trend,

In the decade since its inception, financial technology (fintech) has seen a flurry of innovation. But many of these innovative products and trends have failed to gain traction with consumers or businesses. According to Grant Easterbrook, five factors account for this failure: unsustainable business models; flawed customer perceptions; ill-conceived design features; limited market reach; and insufficient understanding of best practices. While fintech remains an important space for exploration and potential innovation, it will likely require further refinement in order to achieve widespread adoption.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but here goes nothing: In terms of programming languages, there are a slew of options out there that allow for creativity and efficiency. TG++ is one of the more unique ones out there- it takes traditional programming paradigms such as conditional statements and loops and mixes them up with modern ideas like object-oriented

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Big Tech Inc.

The meeting assistant is a valuable tool for attendees of Virtual Meetings, as it allows them to easily and safely get up and use the bathroom during their meetings without missing anything important. This assists in maintaining focus on the meeting, which is crucial in ensuring successful interactions.

The five amazing animals in the Dr. Seuss’ book, “The Lorax” are the Trumptree, the Th Lorax, Mr. F

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