Ted Lasso Returns: Season 3 Premiering March 15 on Apple TV+

Ted Lasso is a popular sports comedy that returns for its third season on Apple TV+ on March 15. The new episodes will release weekly following the premiere, and fans are definitely sure to enjoy this show.

Despite the death of Juliette, Yves seems to be thriving under the new regime. However, when him and Ada are captured by Christian Underground mercenaries led by Killian, Yves quickly finds himself on a dangerous path. Meanwhile, an unexpected turn of events forces Alice to confront her dark past in order to save Margot and herself.

Nate struggles to find his place in the professional football world, but rallies behind his former team when they face relegation. However, when Nate unexpectedly leaves Roy Kent and Richmond for West Ham United, relations between the two men deteriorate. Kent desperately tries to take control of the team and their training sessions, but it’s clear he doesn’t have Nate’s playing or coaching skills. When the Hammers are relegated at the end of season, Nate returns to Richmond with new found respect from his old friends and teammates

At home, Ted is juggling his responsibilities as a husband and father while continuing to suffer from anxiety. He tries to take care of himself by practicing meditation, but finds it difficult to relax. Meanwhile, Rebecca is focused on defeating Rupert and Keeley in their game of ‘Who can be the bossiest person’.

The mass appeal of “Ted Lasso” is evident by its continued success on television and the number of awards it has won. The series breaks records each season and continues to bring enjoyment to audiences all over the world.

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