Tubi Surpasses 64M Monthly Active Users, Accelerating Growth in Ad-Supported Streaming

In 2020, Fox bought Tubi for $2 billion. At the time, the streaming service had 25 million monthly active users. With 64 million active users, Tubi is Fox’s most popular streaming service and it continues to grow rapidly.

The Fox Report showed significant viewership growth at Tubi, granting the platform a prominent place in the streaming world. Its total viewing time was up 44% year over year, with over 5 billion hours streamed in 2022. Although this growth may slow down in the near future as Fox gains more content from Warner Bros. Discovery, it’s likely that Tubi viewership will continue to increase due to its exclusive deals with major brands.

Tubi offers a variety of content to its users, including live TV channels and 50,000 titles. Whether you’re looking for movie trailers or entire seasons of your favorite shows, Tubi has it all. With Tubi’s large content catalog, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking to catch up on your latest binge watch or explore something new, Tubi is the perfect streaming service.

As Netflix and Disney+ increase their prices for ad-supported plans, one in three U.S. consumers will likely stream AVOD by 2024. Although this streaming trend may be effective for some, it could have a negative impact on the industry as a whole. This is because it could discourage smaller SVOD services from entering the market, which would lead to less variety and competition in the space.

Fox predicts that the number of AVOD subscribers will continue to grow in the coming years, reaching 24 million by 2026. Meanwhile, SVOD growth will remain relatively flat. This suggests that people are still mostly watching television programs and movies on traditional platforms, even though there are a ton of new streaming options available.

According to a recent study by Tubi, nearly one third of streamers plan to reduce spending on streaming services this year. Some will likely shift towards cheaper, ad-supported options, while others may forego subscriptions entirely. Whether it’s due to rising prices or greater restrictions on content, the number of people relying on streaming services as their primary method of watching TV is dwindling.

Since Tubi content is so popular with AVOD subscribers, it is likely that this streaming service will continue to grow in popularity in the near future.

As cable TV providers have begun to offer more and more streaming services in addition to traditional live TV, some consumers are choosing AVOD over cable for their viewing needs. The growing popularity of AVOD services is likely due to their close proximity to the cable experience, as well as the flexibility and customization that they typically offer.

With less than one ad break per hour, Tubi’s light ad load is a popular feature among customers. However, not all users are satisfied with the length of these breaks and would prefer to watch more ads. Additionally, despite having fewer ads overall, Tubi still faces competition from traditional TV networks with longer ad breaks that can last up to thirty minutes. Despite this challenge, Tubi has managed to maintain a loyal customer base that values its lightweight advertising scheme.

Peacock has traditionally been the go-to streaming service for new releases, but with Disney+, Netflix and HBO Max all starting to produce their own original content, they have had to start offending some old fans in order to stay competitive. Peacock is now only airing original content for around five minutes per hour in order to keep its ad load low, but this has caused complaints from viewers that they are not getting what they want.

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