Android Browsing Redefined: Google Introduces Powerful In-App Browser Enhancements

Chrome custom tabs have been a popular way for Android developers to fine-tune the browsing experience in their apps, but new features released by Google make in-app browsing on its mobile operating system even smoother. Partial custom tabs will allow users to keep different pages open in separate tabs while auto-filling passwords will automatically fill in user namings and passwords when they are entered into an app.

Chrome allows developers to control the initial launch height of a tab using partial custom tabs. This feature enables users to interact with the app and in-app browsers simultaneously, which is an interesting way to increase user satisfaction.

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Google is continuing to roll out features that make it easier for users to access their accounts and data. This week, the search giant is introducing password filling without leaving the app, and a new in-app browser login popup that allows users to easily access their saved details like addresses. These updates make it easier for users to stay signed in and connected wherever they are.

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Google is advocating Chrome custom tabs over WebView, claiming that they offer more functionality. Chrome custom tabs allow users to create separate windows for different websites, which could be useful if you need to focus on one particular task while browsing the web. Additionally, custom tabs are customizable and can be arranged in any way you desire.

With the release of Android O, Google has made it easier for developers to include a web experience in their apps. WebViews allow you to build your own in-app browsers, but can be a complex process with higher maintenance overhead. For users who want a more traditional web browsing experience on their phones, launching a browser from the app can be frustrating and lead to abandonment. By creating our own custom in-app browser, we can keep our users within our app while still providing them with the high quality browsing experience they expect.

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