Apkudo Closes $37.5M Funding Round to Boost Device Management Platform

The funding round will be used to accelerate Apkudo’s product roadmap as it seeks to become the go-to platform for managing and selling connected devices, as well as testing these devices.

In light of recent global events such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, growing online security concerns have driven a significant increase in interest in services like Apkudo. Company co-founder and CEO Josh Matthews said that proceeds from the token sale will be used to expand Apkudo’s engineering teams, build out the company’s go-to-market function and establish a physical presence outside of the U.S. This strategic expansion is essential for ensuring that Apkudo can continue to serve its rapidly growing user base and meet the needs of businesses and individuals around the world concerned about their online privacy.

CEO of Apkudo, Matthews stated that the company plans on expanding their product line and reaching new markets in order to keep up with the intense competition. In order to do this, they have decided to raise money now in order to allocate towards this goal. This move follows an increased demand from customers for Apkudo’s services as well as further investments into compute and expansion into other regions.

“With Apkudo, businesses can figure out what products are in stock where, and how best to order them so that they arrive at the customer’s house as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The Apkudo platform is designed to increase the useful life of electronic devices and help keep valuable materials out of landfills. With over $50 billion in value lost each year due to outdated electronics, Apkudo is on the right track in terms of its mission. Hopefully, this platform will help speed up the transition to a circular economy and make environmentalism more accessible for everyone.

Some businesses see mobile device trading in as a way to reduce the amount of environmental waste they produce. By acting as a middleman, Apkudo can help companies build efficient trade-in experiences that give customers incentives to recycle their devices.

The app uses artificial intelligence to help inspectors assess the condition of devices before they are shipped. By predicting which retail stores, shipping hubs and distribution centers have a higher probability of lost or stolen devices, Apkudo helps to reduce the number ofdevices that end up in the wrong hands.

Apkudo is changing the connected device supply chain by providing real-time answers to inventory, quality and pricing questions. Apkudo is capital efficient due to its solving of the needs of the most sophisticated buyers. This will allow companies in the connected device supply chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Matthews says that Apkudo’s focus on automating routine customer interactions has helped it win over big names like FedEx and T-Mobile. He notes that the company’s recurring revenue grew around 141% year-over-year, indicating that its automated solutions are proving to be popular with businesses of all sizes.

Supply chain management is an important field, as evidenced by the projected growth in demand. Solutions are available to businesses of all sizes. It is a good idea to find a solution that meets your specific needs and requirements so you can be sure you are getting the most out of this increasingly critical aspect of your business.

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