Why Now is the Right Time for Taking Action

Prove to investors why this is the right time and you’re the right company

Back in October, our team met with potential investors to discuss our product proposition. We explained that our solution would disrupt the advertising industry by providing a new way for businesses to reach their target audience. We believed in our mission and saw this as an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

We continued meeting with potential investors throughout the year, but we hit a wall when it came to finding funding that aligned with our vision and strategy. After much consideration, we’ve decided it’s time for us to move forward without external financing. We believe that taking this step will allow us to focus on building a better product and grow bigger than ever before.

“Why now?” has always been our guiding principle. We’ve been dreaming and hard at work on this project for years, and we believe the time is right. Our team is incredibly passionate about our mission, and we have the resources to make it a reality. We can’t wait to continue building amazing products that make people’s lives better!

History has shown us that successful companies are usually the ones that solve the right problem at the right time. One example of this is during the early days of the pandemic, when there were numerous startups focusing on solving specific problems related to accessing health care or presenting meetings. These companies had an advantage because they were addressing a need that people really had.

The rapid expansion of the internet and its increasing reliance on mobile devices has created an immense demand for secure and efficient online transactions. Nearly every day, people use the internet to purchase goods and services, bank with their credit cards, or exchange messages with their loved ones.Transaction security is a top priority for companies that rely on the internet to conduct business. Visa Inc., one of the world’s largest processors of payments, reported that in 2015 alone there were 2.9 billion electronic transactions worth more than $24 trillion.Unfortunately, many online transactions remain vulnerable to cybercrime due to vulnerabilities in computer networks and software used by businesses and individuals alike.This pervasive insecurity has forced businesses to invest in more sophisticated security measures at an unreasonable cost. For example, according to a study conducted by consulting firm Gartner Inc., it costs organizations an average of $16 million per year justto maintain compliance with current payment-card security standards1 。This significant financial burden makes online transaction security one of the most pressing issues facing businesses today2 。

That’s where blockchain technology comes in

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