Chatbots Disappointing, But Still Open to Adoption

Data suggests chatbots fall short — but that businesses still see benefits

A recent study by the startup MuleSoft found that only 44% of people believe that chatbots are “effective” when it comes to customer service. Even more damning, nearly half of customers report that they would be less likely to return or recommend a business with a chatbot-based customer service system. Clearly, there is still some work to be done in order for chatbots to fulfil their potential as an effective customer service tool.

Despite many users reporting dissatisfaction with chatbots, the technology is still growing in popularity. Some companies are banking on this trend and investing in marketing campaigns that promise to make chatbots more engaging and helpful through customer service or sales efforts. However, there may be some obstacles to overcome before these technologies can truly facilitate customer engagement. For example, many customers find chatbots frustrating because they often do not understand the conversation or react slowly or unhelpfully.

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